Zubin Kanga Pre-Concert Talk

As part of Zubin Kanga’s latest instalment in his piano and multimedia trilogy, Piano Ex Machina, Tura will present a short pre-concert talk by pianist Zubin Kanga with composer Ben Carey. The pre-concert talk will be in Studio Underground at 6:45pm, before the concert at 7:30pm, Wednesday 24 April at the State Theatre Centre of WA. Hear about how new technology, now accessible to the public, can be used within music and composing for the piano.

In Piano Ex Machina, video games, 80s cinema, sci-fi and internet culture and Artificial Intelligence are given humorous and darker treatment in an entertaining program that includes works by Alexander Schubert, Jon Rose, Tristan Coelho, Kate Neal, Ben Carey, Adam de la Cour and Zubin Kanga.

The first concert in Zubin’s national tour in Melbourne sold out, and received a 5-star review from Limelight Magazine.

“Kanga’s Piano Ex Machina is a rewarding experience, rich in possibility, infused with curiosity and playfulness, and not afraid to explore conceptual and expressive horizons well beyond the boundaries of a traditional piano recital.” – Limelight Magazine ★★★★★

Zubin also recently spoke to Angus McPherson at Limelight Magazine about his national tour program. Zubin, who has spent most of his career exploring new approaches to the piano, says that his program “reflects what’s happening in our culture, with technology being integrated into our lives at every level, and the boundaries between different types of culture and art forms breaking down.”

Zubin Kanga performs in Sydney | Image by Chris Hayles