Violins and a saxophone make their first appearance

Instruments have been coming out of corners and cupboards since we arrived in the Djarindjin-Lombadina community. Two violins were found at the school, and have been immediately included in the project. Everyone got to have a try, but these two girls chose to play violin in one of our songs.

Violinists at Djarindjin-Lombadina (G. Howell)

Then one of the community elders told us he thought he had a saxophone somewhere in the house. “Go get it out!” we urged him. The case was very dusty but the sax was in good, playable condition, and we got Brian started with some of the basics.

Brian's first sax lesson (G. Howell)

Then, the day before the concert, an electric guitar and an electric bass were found! Brilliant additions to our Fishing Blues.

Tony on electric bass (G. Howell)Thanks to the Tura New Music Remote Residency sponsors Healthway and Horizon Power.