Tura’s 2018 Fringe Picks

Heading to the Fringe Festival this year?

Our top picks for the season are collageN, a one-woman experimental theatre show by Laura Strøbech, and House of Joys, by KAN collective (artists Kate Thresher, Annika Moses and Noemie Huttner-Koros).

House of Joys

Artists Kate Thresher, Annika Moses and Noemie Huttner-Koros will open their adult playground installation in Northbridge on January 26 as part of this year’s FRINGEWORLD Festival.

Thresher says that the House of Joys installation aims to awaken in audiences the feelings of reckless abandon and fearlessness that come naturally to kids.

“In House of Joys the rules of the adult world are suspended, giving participants the freedom to find pleasure in activities they’re ‘not supposed to’ like anymore.”

House of Joys is both an art installation and a contemporary theatre piece, with participants moving through the house-of-horrors-like space to discover playful experiences.

KAN Collective worked with Los Angeles artist Loren Kronemyer to develop House of Joys.

Kronemyer said the coming together of a visual artist, a performance artist and a musician to form KAN Collective has allowed the group to create art unlike anything else being performed in Perth.

26-28 January
Paper Mountain
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In this avant-garde experimental theatre show, Laura Strøbech will explicate the corporeal, surreal, and absurd through a series of five immersive performances over three nights. Feel synchronously as she does while becoming observer, fugitive, lover, and child.

Absurdist comedy, song, movement, audiovisual effects and tactile elements feature in this one-woman immersive experience that’s both intimate and interactive.

This avant-garde theatrical experiment in traverse compels the audience to take in one another and experience genuine human connection.

“I wanted to create a sensory environment which is at once intimate and inviting and yet ultimately draws attention to the inherent separation between performer and audience.”

“There has never been a more important time to take risks, we, as a community, are stuck in an echo chamber which reinforces the same household ideas and preferences for form.” – Laura Strøbech

17 – 19 February
Paper Mountain
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House of Joys and collageN are supported by Tura.