Zho 114: Splitrec National Tour

Geoffrey BarnardPeter FarrarDale Gorfinkel, Cor Fuhler, Jim Denley and Amanda Stewart 

8pm Monday 1 December
Ellington Jazz Club
191 Beaufourt St, Perth
$20/$15 Book Online

Celebrating generations of Sydney’s finest free improvisers & musical experimentalists.

Peter Farrar alto saxophone
Dale Gorfinkel modified trumpet, automated sonic contraptions
Cor Fuhler piano
Jim Denley winds
Amanda Stewart voice and text

Geoffrey Barnard pre-concert talk on Teletopa

JIM DENLEY Collaborations, his radio feature for the ABC won the PrixItalia in 1989. His CD Through Fire, Crevice and the Hidden Valley, recorded in the Budawang Mountains, received an Honorary mention in the Digital Musics category of the Prix Ars Electronica 2008. In 1990 he was a member of Derek Bailey’s Company for a week of concerts in London. He co-founded the electro-acoustic text/music group Machine for Making Sense. In 2006 and 2007 he received a Fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts to research and develop his concept of Meta instrument. “His extended technique on flutes and alto saxophone, his acute listening skills, and his refusal to get stuck into a single format make him a first-rate improviser.” Francois Couture Listen

COR FUHLER has been called many things: a maverick, a chameleon, a tinkerer, innovator and even traditionalist. However, above all, he simply thinks of himself as an improvising musician and organizer of sounds, ideas and combinations of people. Cor has been awarded the highly competitive 3 year composing and research stipend for experimental and improvised music from the Dutch Arts Council every three years since the year 2000 for his ongoing output and projects. Piano and prepared piano (acoustically and electronically) is usually his first choice, the instrument he studied at the Amsterdam conservatorium in the 80’s. Since then he has added an array of other instruments to his practice: the EMS synthi analogue synth, the keyolin (a keyed violin of his own invention), guitar, a collection of 30 organs or keyboard instruments and various unusual (but usually modified) instruments. More

AMANDA STEWART is a poet and vocal artist. Much of her work in contemporary music is informed by ideas from linguistics, philosophy and science. She has created a diverse range of performances, publications, film and radio works, locally and internationally, working in music, literature, broadcasting, sound poetry, theatre and new media environments. She also worked full time as a producer/presenter at ABC Radio in Sydney for many years. She has performed her solo works at numerous festivals including NowNow, Sydney, the Melbourne Festival, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Musica Viva, Munich, Weltklang, Berlin, the Geneva Festival, Proposta, Barcelona, So Ho Festival, New York and the Tokyo Sound Poetry Festival. She has also collaborated with many musicians and artists including Cor, Dale, Jim and Peter and is a cofounder of the Australian ensemble, Machine For Making Sense and the Netherlands trio, Allos. Her book and CD set of selected poems and vocal works, I/T, (Splitrec 5) won the Anne Elder Poetry Prize.

DALE GORFINKEL is a multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, instrument creator, installation artist, educator, and community builder. Dale’s work aims to reflect an awareness of the dynamic nature of culture & the value of listening as a mode of knowing people & places. He is interested in finding fresh ways of presenting and making music, bringing creative communities together & shifting perceived boundaries of scenes, styles & artforms. Dale builds automated sonic contraptions and modifyies other instruments, especially the vibraphone and trumpet. He often uses common materials to create unexpected & immersive sonic environments. Some installations seek to reframe technology through the intersection of electro/acoustic and new/old mediums, such as his use of data projectors & spinning styrofoam causing quasi-holograms. Some installations illuminate acoustic phenomena and are effected by solar & wind activity. Many works also welcome a tactile interactivity especially popular with children. Dale has recently been playing around with footpumps, garden irrigation and balloons. His current activities include Out Hear (www.outhear.com), West Head Project, the masked troupe Prophets, Sounds Like Movement with dancer Peter Fraser, and facilitating a community music group at the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre in Melbourne. He is a recent recipient of the Australia Council Emerging Artist Creative Fellowship. Listen

PETER FARRAR is a saxophonist, working in improvisational contexts, from free form and experimental, to jazz and Ethiopian music. For a number of years Peter has been working on various extensions for the saxophone that produce new sounds and transform it into a new instrument “one that he continues to learn and explore. Working with Ethiopian singer Dereb Desalegn has also influenced Peter’s approach to improvisation and performance, exploring the roles that rhythm and physicality have in music. Peter investigates these ideas through his solo saxophone performances. As a solo performer and with various ensembles Peter has played at festivals and event across Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and Ethiopia. Listen 

GEOFFREY BARNARD was a member of the Sydney-based new music organisation AZ Music between 1970 and 1972 and was also a member of the electro-acoustic improvisation group, Teletopa, during this time. After the demise of Teletopa in late 1972, his musical orientation became primarily theoretical. In 1980 he published Conversation Without Feldman, the transcription of a talk he conducted with John Cage in 1978, and in 2003 he completed his Masters dissertation, Indeterminate Composition and Ideological Determination, at the University of Technology, Sydney on the music of Cage, Christian Wolff and Cornelius Cardew. Geoffrey returned to the arena of improvised music in 2007 when he and Laurie Scott Baker (ex-Scratch Orchestra and Peoples’ Liberation Music) formed the Baker-Barnard Duo. In addition to his activities with the Duo (which has included contributions by Kraig Grady and Monica Brooks), he performed at the 2012 NOW now Festival and, more recently, at the launch of the Teletopa 2-CD/3-LP with Jim Denley and Sam Pettigrew. Since 2004 he has trained in Aikido of Shin Sen and currently holds the black belt rank of 1st dan. Listen

Splitrec was founded in 1987 by Mind Body Split to release the LP – If it’s not on it’s not on. Throughout the 1990’s works by Machine for Making Sense and some of the individuals in that group, Amanda Stewart and Jim Denley were released. The label focuses on experimental and improvised music from Sydney with major works during the 2000’s from SSL, Peter Blamey, Germ Studies, Splinter Orchestra, Great Waitress, Blip and West Head Project. This year Splitrec is honoured to release a legendary recording Teletopa Tokyo 1972 – the tapes sat in boxes for 42 years. The Triple LP or Double CD release features two 50min improvisations from a radio session at NHK studios, Tokyo. The group was David Ahern, Roger Frampton, Peter Evans and Geoffrey Collins completing a 1972 world tour. The group broke upon their return to Sydney. Only a small example of their work has ever been released.

“Here Teletopa seems to be in almost Zen like mode. If AMM and MEV were already on your list, then this double CD by Teletopa should not be missed. An essential historical release.” Frans de Waard in Vital.