Zho 113: Chris de Groot, Mitchell Mollison & Emerging Artists

6.30pm Sunday 19 October
Hellenic Club, 75 Stirling St, Perth
$10 door sales. Enquiries 9228 3711

Zho 113 features Mitchell Mollison’s commissioned work for Tura What Was Wrong in the Field for trombone, violin & alto saxophone, supported by new works for chamber ensemble by young emerging local composers Alex Turley, Drew Woolley & Josten Myburgh. Also features an improv by Chris de Groot and Tristan Parr.

Josten Myburgh – appendix C (situations that occur often) for soprano voice, bass flute, violoncello, electric guitar, piano, percussion & electronics

Alex Turley – Moondream for saxophone quartet (performed by The Maverick Saxophone Quartet)

Drew Woolley – Tunnel-Head for four performers on two guitars & field recordings

Mitchell Mollison – What Was Wrong in the Field for alto saxophone, trombone & violin

Christopher de Groot & Tristen Parr – Improvisation (electronics & cello)

The Artists:

Josten Myburgh
Josten Myburgh is a 20 year old musician from Perth, Western Australia. He has studied under Perth-based composers Lindsay Vickery and Stuart James and his musical output includes notated chamber ensemble works, sound art installations, improvisations, lengthy works for electronic playback and collaborations with video and contemporary dance artists. His music currently deals with labyrinthine structure and the intersection between digital and acoustic timbres. In 2014 he was the recipient of first prize in the ComposE Competition, and was accepted into the Speak Percussion Emerging Artists Program, for which he has composed two new works for percussion & spatialised electronics. As a performer, he has premiered works by Alvin Curran, Lindsay Vickery, Cat Hope and Freya Zinovieff, and has toured internationally with Decibel New Music Ensemble, performing the music of John Cage and Giacinto Scelsi,as well as a program of Australian works featuring his piece UNAWARE. He is currently working actively as a solo performer, ensemble director & curator, and as part of improvisation duos Tchake and Mr Government


Alex Turley
Alex Turley is an emerging composer based in Perth, Western Australia. As a composer he has worked with a range of ensembles including the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, Gondwana National Choirs, Naya Chorale, and Voyces Incorporated, generating interest across Australia, Europe and North America. In recent months Alex has been awarded the Joondalup Arts in Focus Composition Prize as well as being announced the winner of the Voyces Youth Choir Aspire composition competition, which culminated in a premiere at the Tasmanian Festival of Voice. Recently he was selected to participate in the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s Composition Project, culminating in a recording of a new orchestral work Efflorescence at ABC studios. He also has experience working with films and stage productions, having composed for works in both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Perth Fringe World Festival.


Drew Woolley
Drew Woolley is a composer from the Perth hills, currently undergoing his third and final year of Music Composition at UWA, and preparing for his graduation recital. Drew’s latest works typically demonstrate his recent fascinations with text-sound relationships and the limitless formulas for their entwining, with this commonly resulting in blatantly “absurd” and futile works. This attraction to untraceable, highly abstract process is also heard in his committedly firm approach to exploring vastly mundane concepts, with currently progressing works incorporating often uncomfortably awkward and distasteful elements. Drew is also a devoted composer of solo vocal music and progressive post-punk music. These fields allow him to explore his adoration of melody and text, as well as providing a consistently live platform in which he can present his hostile, abrasive, louder and often co-written works in his duo Zyklus. Drew has organized, curated, performed in and collaborated in his own multi-artistic concert/exhibition series Sirens in Ink, which was realized in January and has since had a second event.

Mitchell Mollison
Mitchell Mollison (b. 1991) is a composer, sound artist and computer musician based in Melbourne, who uses acoustic instruments, electronics and found sounds in a range of combinations and approaches. His notated works have variously utilised video, audio, and both traditional and unconventional staff based notation. Mitchell has performed or had music performed in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, France, Germany, and Finland, and premiered by the Arcko Symphonic Project (2012) and the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (2011), among others. It has been recorded by ABC Classic FM on a number of occasions, and broadcast by ABC Classic FM and Perth’s RTRFM.

Christopher de Groot
Christopher de Groot is a composer, improviser, electronic musician and film/theatre composer. Primarily a pianist with a background in jazz and classical composition de Groot has incorporated his interest in new music, electronics, recording techniques and cult soundtracks into his composition practice.

De Groot studied extensively at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) where he gained a Masters degree in composition. He also taught there from 2008 – 2012 before moving to Melbourne. As a film composer de Groot has composed music for several independent feature films and has been nominated for a West Australian Screen Award four times, winning in 2009 for his work on The Director’s Cut.

De Groot’s distinctive score for Australian independent feature film Sororal [2014] has been labelled “some of the most refreshing and eclectic horror music to be heard in a contemporary film” (Mikael Carlsson – MovieScore Midia). The soundtrack gained international interest, being released by acclaimed soundtrack label Screamworks Records (Sweden).

De Groot has been commissioned to write works for several ensembles and solo musicians – notably ensemble Decibel for which he wrote Agerasia [2011] for bass clarinet, cello and three ruined vinyl records. He has also worked with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra’s Echo Chamber Ensemble, the Barking Gecko Theatre Company (Duck, Death & The Tulip – Perth International Arts Festival [2012]), renowned theatre director Suzanne Chaundy (De Stroyed [2013]) and Dirty Pretty Theatre (Thérése Raquin –Theatre Works [2014]).


Tristen Parr
Tristen Parr is a versatile acoustic and electric cellist specializing in new music performance and sound design for dance and theatre. Based in Perth, Tristen and has recorded for German SWR and the ABC radio with New Music ensemble Decibel. Tristen is a founding member of bands Schvendes, Fall Electric and silent film band Viola Dana winning the WA Music industry award for best instrumentalist 3 times. Through these projects and many others Tristen continues to develop and explore the sonic range of the cello.
Recent performance/composition engagements include: Duck Death and the Tulip – Barking Gecko, cellist/composer/MD, On their Own, Britain’s Child Migrants, National Touring Exhibition – Australian National Museum, CANWA – composer/cellist, John Cage’s 8 Variations  –  Decibel – cellist/electronics (Italy, Perth, Brisbane) – City of Shadows – Rachael Dease – musician/arranger (New York Fringe and Perth Fringe Festival 2012 – winner of the Martin Sims award for the most promising WA work), Life in Miniature – Anything is valid Dance Theatre  – composer and sound design (Nominee for Perth Fringe Festival Martin Sims Award and Best Dance Work) Control Condition– Collaboration with Dancer Laura Boynes – composer/performer – Close Range(Canberra Contemporary Art Space and STRUT Perth) The Locker Room and In A New York Minute – musical director (Spontaneous Insanity – Perth and Canberra).