Walkman Antiquarian

Artists in residence at UWA, Intercurrent present contemporary chamber music for piano, percussion, bass clarinet and electronics including Thomas Meadowcroft’s Walkman Antiquarian, John Cage’s Credo in US, a new work by Perth composer Olivia Davies and more.

Walkman Antiquarian challenges our concept of obsolescence, exploring creative possibilities in the intersection of new and old. Thomas Meadowcroft’s centrepiece work (of the same name) employs much-loved but increasingly historical technologies of sound playback the turntable and the walkman, while John Cage’s Credo in US prominently features the humble transistor radio. Against these are set a modern-day interpretation of 12th Century polyphonist Perotin’s Beata Viscera by Lachlan Skipworth, and a brand new work by West Australian composer Olivia Davies. Intercurrent’s renowned and fiery virtuosity promise a unique and stimulating musical adventure.

Co-presented with the UWA Conservatorium of Music.


Percussion, clarinet, electronics and piano

Lachlan Skipworth
Louise Devenish
Ashley Smith
Emily Green-Armytage

With guest artist Jackson Vickery.



$10/$20 TICKETS

Intercurrent; Ashley Smith, Emily Green Armytage, Louise Devenish and Lachlan Skipworth


Lachlan Skipworth             Beata Viscera (after Perotin)
John Cage                           Credo in Us
Olivia Davies                       Intimate Distance
Thomas Meadowcroft        Walkman Antiquarian
Franco Donatoni                 Soft 1
Franco Donatoni                 Soft 2
Matthias Kaum                   Sing sing sing


Intercurrent is a new music performance project curated by leading WA-based musicians Louise Devenish, Lachlan Skipworth, Emily Green-Armytage and Ashley Smith, with a goal to present contemporary chamber music highlighting cutting-edge musicianship and works of compelling artistic vision.


‘incandescent… a masterly display of skill and insight… as an apologist for contemporary music-making, you would search hard to find this young clarinettist’s equal’ – The Age on Ashley Smith

“thrilled the ear with splendidly controlled rhythmic patterns” – The West Australian on Emily Green-Armytage

“astounding display of fierce independence married with precise synchronisation” – Limelight on Louise Devenish and Emily Green-Armytage

“cleverly and effectively put together with an impressively imaginative employment of ideas… this young man has something of worth to say in instrumental terms.” – The West Australian on Lachlan Skipworth

“Devenish’s breathtakingly deft delivery, her artistic interpretation of the material, her sculptor-like attention to detail.” – Cool Perth Nights on Louise Devenish


Co-presented with the UWA Conservatorium of Music.