Un _\_ Pli – Johannes Sistermanns & Breaking Waves

6:30pm, Friday 3 November 2017
High Tide Hub, Arthur Head Reserve
Free Event

Johannes S. Sistermanns
Breaking Waves
An evening of experimental, spatial and improvised music in the hub as part of the High Tide Festival in Fremantle.

Part 1:
Breaking Waves ensemble explore subtle universes of percussion, harmonium, voice, violin, trumpet, clarinet, double bass, and fragile electronic sounds. This one off improvised performance will be directly influenced by the architecture and presence of the High Tide Hub and surrounds.

Comprising leading members from Perth’s emerging improvised music community, including core members drawn from groups such as Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, GreyWing Ensemble and Decibel New Music, this performance will feature Lindsay Vickery, Josten Myburgh, Nate Wood, Dan O’Connor, Sage Pbbbt, Djuna Lee, Vanessa Stasiw and Ben Greene.

Part 2:
Un _\_ Pli
Composition by Johannes Sistermanns

A five channel composition containing voice, room tone, white thread, megaphone, exciter, and electronics
Activated live by High Tide Festival Artist in residence Johannes Sistermanns and members of Breaking Waves. The recorded spacial work will engulf the Hub and facilitate an improvised performative conversation between Sistermanns and Breaking Waves.

Un _\_ Pli
comPLIcation / amPLIfication / PLIcation / exPLIcation / folding space in sound fold afar / horizon talks limitless / decaying / performance is more accentuating gaps / all starts in the unknowing of that space /
seeing_off, de_couple, listening_off, find oneself here,
temporary state that lasts forever
place, conscious, un_repeatable, appearance_less
the un_conclusiveness of momentary perception
decoupling brings forth space, let the Un grow large
no idea / vision is detached from me
you decide your limits

Supported by Tura New Music.

High Tide Hub is supported by the State Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts, and The City of Fremantle. This project is made possible by Harris Architects, OCKHM, Gunnersen and Sikkens. High Tide Hub is proudly sponsored by Otherside Brewing Co. and Grape & Grain