Tura Adapts 2020 Commissioning

@TheRoots: Gabbi Fusco

An extension of self

Gabbi Fusco

An extension of self is a ​digital manipulation of sounds of the real world and reflects the ways in which we manipulate our world for the benefit of our ego. As we project our insecurities into an unspoken competition of “productivity”, we are becoming more stressed by working harder than we ever have before.

An extension of self by Gabbi Fusco was commissioned as part of the Tura Adapts 2020 Commissions @TheRoots – see more commissions here.

Notes from the Composer

Being told to stay home has turned what was once a sanctuary to a place that must fulfill all our needs which is a bigger task than we realise.

Can our home, where we once could truly indulge in our truest form, become work? the gym? school? a restaurant? a coffee shop? a cinema? a park? A pub?

Do we even want it to?

This crushing onus on having to make something truly our own into something to project us forward in the race of life – as the world stands still, we better take this time to get moving and be even “fitter, happier, more productive” (Radiohead, 1998) than ever before. Our houses are no longer extensions of our most comfortable self, we are making the simple into something extraordinary for no reason other than pride, projecting our insecurities into an unspoken competition of “productivity,” and becoming more stressed and working harder than we ever have before.

Musical ideas come from aspects of acousmatics and the concept of taking sounds and making them completely unrecognisable to anyone else, or to the point we can no longer remember what they were. The digital world allows us to manipulate things to such an extent e.g. photos, music, video, etc. which even projects onto our online presence, which becomes a meticulous scrapbook of only the “good” in our lives, a place where we must explain our humanity, otherwise, we’re not worth anyone seeing.

In essence, this is a digital manipulation of the sounds of the real world as a reflection of the ways we manipulate our world for the benefit of our ego.

Gabbi Fusco

Gabbi is a 24-year-old composer and performer of music based in Perth, Western Australia. She has been interested and involved in music from a young age with her serious music study beginning in high school when she began learning the violin. Here her musical practice centered around performance both individually and in ensembles.

In the year after she graduated high school, she became interested in writing music. It was from here that she applied to study a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Music Technology at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Her studies at WAAPA shaped the ways in which she views and creates music, both through composition and performance, and has encouraged her involvement in experimental new music and improvisation in both her own work and the works of others. Gabbi completed her studies at WAAPA in 2017, graduating in early 2018 with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Technology with Honours, her thesis project exploring concepts related to embodiment and music performance, comparing that of electronic and acoustic music performance analysing moving images constructed with Max/MSP. Her final recital featured pieces involving an EEG headset to manipulate vocals, a live score, and a Disklavier.

Gabbi is currently studying a Master of Music Therapy with the University of Melbourne as a part of their Blended Learning program, meaning she remains in Perth for online learning, traveling to Melbourne four times a year for a week intensive classes at a time. She is currently nearing the end of her third semester with the hopes of graduating and becoming a registered music therapist by the end of this year. The process has required practical placements and the development of musical skills in very different ways. She continues her compositional practice, primarily with voice and manipulated found sounds.