Totally Huge New Music Festival 2017

19 – 29 October 2017
Perth, Western Australia


THNMF 2017 Opportunities

As Tura New Music looks forward to celebrating the company’s 30th year, Totally Huge surprises yet again with its freshness and vitality. Across an exciting landscape of new music practice, this kaleidoscope of expression via the medium of sound will take audiences on a unique and captivating journey – one that is expansive, ear opening and enriching.

The 13th THNMF features international acclaimed artists in the form of Anne LeBaron (USA), Kouhei Harada (Japan) and Rick Snow (USA) alongside Australian new music leaders Speak Percussion (Melb), Ross Bolleter, Decibel, Chris Tonkin, Erik Griswold (Bris), Callum G’Froerer, Catherine Ashley and emerging composers from WAAPA and UWA. Partnership with ABC Classic FM will ensure the Festival is heard across Australia and around the world.

Internationally the Totally Huge New Music Festival has developed as a key new music event. This biennial Festival is a vital platform that brings the world to Western Australia to connect with our artists and vice versa. The exchange of sounds and ideas that result from the THNMF feed the innovation, development and profile of our contemporary artists.

Presenting partners include:

The University of Western Australia
Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
City Of Perth
The City Of Swan
The State Library of Western Australia
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

  • Offers the WA community a powerful and enriching music and sound experience that they would otherwise never access.
  • Promotes local and national talent by offering a platform to indulge audiences who would not usually expose themselves to alternative art.
  • Builds a relationship between international and national artists that will benefit the WA art community now and in the future.
  • Enables valuable skills exchange that would otherwise not be accessible for young and emerging artists in WA.

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