Special Events

Special Events 2013

An Improvised Sound Project Exhibition

Lyndon Blue, Lauren Brown, Matthew Gingold, Cat Hope, Kynan Tan

22 June – 18 August
PICA Central Galleries

Presented by PICA and Tura New Music | Curated by Leigh Robb

Opening Friday 21 June, 6-8pm
To be opened by Tos Mahoney, Artistic Director Tura New Music

AISP_Street Poster 8

an improvised sound project is an exhibition of sound and music in multiple formats which launches new pieces by five outstanding Australian artists. Each artist has designed a work for extended play within PICA’s galleries, speculating on what it means to visualise and encounter sound and music today. The works are each systems unto themselves, often manipulating the creative process of improvisation while relying on programming, code, algorithms and applications to generate or run new compositions.

The project unites radically different manifestations and improvisations on the theme of seeing and shaping sound. Ruminating on the fringes of the musical encounter before, during and after the live gig or performance, the works in the exhibition are random and responsive offerings for our senses, profoundly shifting the registers that we usually associate with sound.

This project forms part of the 11th Totally Huge New Music Festival and is presented to coincide with the 2013 International Computer Music Conference.


Image courtesy Matthew Gingold.



Image courtesy Matthew Gingold.