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Special Events 2012

Decibel 2012

Concert 3: Sounding a Room

Monday 3 December
Hackett Hall Gallery, Museum of Western Australia, Perth

As part of Tura New Music’s 25th Celebrations Series

This concert focuses on the way music of different genres responds to acoustic space. Highlighting works with jazz, indie, concrete, minimalistic and glitch influences, the concert integrates the acoustics of the theatre space as an important part of the works.

  1. Erik Griswold (QLD) –  new work  [world premiere] Oz Co commission
  2. Mace Francis (WA ) – Kata Yoi [world premiere] Oz Co commission
  3. Chris Cobilis (WA) new work (DCA Contemp Music Commission)
  4. Cat Hope (WA) – new work[world premiere] in kind Db commission
  5. Lindsay Vickery (WA) – New WORK  [world premiere] in kind Db commission
  6. Lionel Marchetti (France) – Lio [world premiere] Decibel commission.
  7. Tristan Murail (FR) – Winter Fragments (with video)
  8. Roger Smalley (WA) – Monody
  9. Lalo Schifrin (USA) – In the Floodlights (1972) arr. Decibel