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Special Events 2012

Decibel 2012

Concert 2: On a string – Jon Rose was 60

7.30pm Monday 3 September

PICA, Central Gallery

This concert celebrate Jon Rose’s 60th birthday last year. This concert is both dedicated to and inspired by him, and is tied together by the idea of the string, the thread, the line – a crucial part of Roses innovative new music practice for many years. Guest artist, guitarist Ant Gray.

1. Jon Rose (NSW) – The Auctioneer Says [world premiere] ensemble, Oz Co commission.
2. Clare Nina Norelli (WA) – A Dark String  [world premiere] vcl, vla, piano, perc) Oz Co commission.
3. Lyndon Blue (WA) new work (DCA Contp Music Commission)
4. James Rushford (VIC) NEW WORK – [world premiere] in kind (from Golden Fur) exchange commission
5. Lindsay Vickery – [world premiere] in kind Db commission
6. Cat Hope (WA) – [world premiere] in kind Db commission
7. Peter Albinger (Germany) – Two Strings and Noise (2004)
8. Fausto Romitelli – Blood on the floor painting, 1986 (2000)
9 Low (USA) – Do You Know how to Waltz (2002) arr. Decibel for ensemble

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