Special Events

Special Events 2012

Decibel 2012

Concert 1: Small Things

7.30pm Monday 27 May
State Theatre Centre, Perth

A fascination with the minutae of music has stimulated  composers for most of the 20th Century. Composers work with new complexities, spectralism and electronic music has provided exciting innovations such as granular synthesis. This program examines this idea of the small parts in a number of ways.

  1. Anthony Pateras (VIC) – new work  [world premiere] (fl, clar, Vln, Cello and microtonal clusters). Oz Co commission.
  2. Joe Stawarz (WA) – NEW WORK for bfl, guitar, bclar and electronics. [world premiere] Oz Co commission.
  3. Amber Fresh (WA) new work (DCA Contemp Music Commission)
  4. Jim Thirwell (USA) Manorexia II – Canaries in the Mineshaft
  5. Cat Hope (WA) – new work
  6. David Kim-Boyle (NSW) – new work
  7. Lindsay Vickery (WA) – new work
  8. Agostino Di Scipio (Italy) – Texture – Residue (2006)
  9. Bohren and der Club of Gore (Germany) – Stalker (arr. Decibel)