Special Events

Special Events 2011

Ruins Alone

Tatsuya Yoshida

Wednesday 8 June

The Bakery, James St, Perth

In Australia to perform at the Melbourne Jazz Festival



“Ruins Alone is a direct interface between Tatsuya’s brain and his drumsticks. You could get 15 rock records out of one Ruins Alone album, just by adding a bit of fizzy water. Each composition could be developed in many different directions. Tatsuya Yoshida plays in over 20 groups; he needs to, to sustain sufficient space for his overflowing creativity. He has worked with some of the greatest improvisers on the planet, such as John Zorn, Fred Frith or Derek Bailey and has released over 100 albums. In his time out from music, Yoshida-san compulsively photographs stones. He travels the world in search of the mineral beauty of monumental statues and the millennial energy of rocks.” lifeisnoise.com