Special Events

Special Events 2011

Decibel 2011

Concert 3: Cinesonic

Wednesday 7 September

PICA, Cultural Centre, Perth

as part of the 10th Totally Huge New Music Festival

Most current day music is experience in association with constructed image. The program looks at music that uses image in its very construction and performance – from projected scores to images generated by sound.


Mariana Rosenfeld (USA): Emotional Orchestra (2005) for ensemble and film 24 [Australian premiere] – present at Festival (TBC)

Lindsay Vickery (AUS – wa): onlyforamomentbeforeforgetting  – new work commissioned  for DECIBEL (2011) for cello, bass guitar, piano, electronics and projected score-film 9 [world premiere]

Warren Burt (AUS – Syd): Very Smart Microbes (1975) Color NTSC video and sound synthesis.

J.G. Thirwell (AUS/USA): Tubercular Bells (2008)

Cat Hope (AUS – wa): Possible Stories of Harry Power (2010) for cello, viola, bass clarinet, radio and computer generated score [WA Premiere]

Jakob ter Veldhuis – Grab it! (2001) for tenor Saxophone and Video

Cornelius Cardew (USA) – The Tigers Mind for ensemble [Australian premiere]

Severed Heads (AUS.NSW): A Million Angels (1983). Arranged by Decibel.

Sam Duscombe (AUS.VIC) new work commissioned for Decibel [world premiere]

Kynan Tan (AUS.WA) emerging composer commission. [world premiere]