Special Events

Special Events 2011

Decibel 2011

Concert 2: Pretty Things

Wednesday 11 May

PICA, Cultural Centre, Perth

as part of the Tura New Music Scale Variable Chamber Series

Part of experimentation in music has been with instruments themselves; once extended techniques reached the maximum effect possible, composers started using objects not usually associated with music creation to create different sound worlds. Pretty Things features a selection of Australian, Western Australian and established classics that make use of unusual items as instruments.


Cat Hope (AUS.WA) Kuklinski’s Dream (2010) for carving knives, instruments and MaxMSP 8 [WA premiere]

John Cage (US): Radio Music (1964) for 4 radios. 10 [WA premiere]

Gyula Csapó (CA)  Handshake after a shot (1979) 3 instruments, keyboard and cardboard box [Australian premiere]

Thomas Meadowcraft (AUS.VIC): Pretty Lightweight (2001) for flute, violin, cello and laughter track. 9 [WA premiere]

Lindsay Vickery (AUS.VIC): Un paso al abismo – new work for DECIBEL (2011) for live soap opera feeds and performers 10 [world premiere]

James Rushford (AUS.VIC): new work commissioned by Decibel [world premiere]

Scott Walker (USA) Clara (2007) for computer, cello, alto flute, contra bass clarinet and meat punching. Arranged by Decibel.

Alan Lamb (AUS.VIC) new commission for wires and Decibel [world premiere]

Chris De Groot (AUS.VIC): Emerging composer commission (with musical saw). [world premiere]