Special Events

Special Events 2011

Decibel 2011

Concert 1: A Voice from the Dark Space

Wednesday 9 February

PICA, Cultural Centre, Perth


Composers and installation artists have continued to explore different states in art, using the architectural qualities of music and sound to sculpt environments. Whether it is the feeling of a landscape, the sounds produced by the landscape, the effect of the room our environment is crucial to our understanding of music and sound. Music that studies the dark, the quiet and the mysterious landscape is the focus of this program of works. With special guest Caitlin Cassidy (mezzo soprano).


Lindsay Vickery (AUS.WA): vo (1990) for soprano, soprano saxophone, cello, keyboard and percussion 9 –

Polweschel (DE) Hyogo (1999) for saxophone, cello, guitar, electronics.
[Australian premiere]

James Tenney  [USA] – Having Never Written a note for percussion (1971)

Tristan Murail (FR) Winter Fragments (2000) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, keyboard and electronics 14 – [Australian permiere]

Cat Hope (AUS): Kraaang – new work for DECIBEL (2011). 7 – [world premiere]

Chris Tonkin (AUS.WA) work for solo cello and MaxMSP 8 – [world premiere]

Julian Day (AUS.NSW) new work commissioned by DECIBEL for ruined piano, cello, flute, clar and electronics (World premiere)

Ross Bolleter [AUS.WA] new commissioned for ruined piano and Decibel [world premiere]

Ennio Morricone (IT): Sacco and Vanzetti (arranged by Decibel) 5 –

Tim Beahan (AUS.WA): Emerging composer commission [world premiere]