Special Events 2016

Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address Perth

Nicole Canham | The Poetry of the Present
7:00pm Wed 26 October
State Library of Western Australia Lecture Theatre
Free Event | Register Here

Presented by Tura, New Music Network and State Library of Western Australia

Followed by a performance by Decibel with Nicole Canham of the world premiere of a new work by Cissi Tsang.

New Music Network established the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Address in 1999 in honour of one of Australia’s great international composers. Each year, an outstanding advocate of Australian music delivers the address, challenging the status quo and raising issues of importance in new and experimental music. This is the first time the address has been held in Perth.

This year, the speaker is the performer, artistic director, writer and arts advocate, Nicole Canham, who draws upon her unique and expansive creative practice to outline a vision for an inspiring, passionate and connected new music community in this year’s PGH address.

The Poetry of the Present celebrates the possibilities that come from embracing change. The successes, opportunities and struggles that form a part of many creative people’s lives – often framed in terms of the decline of many cherished ideas, beliefs and values – seem to be converging with a similar, society-wide anguish characterised by uncertainty and fear.

While these conditions may seem at first glance to be unfavourable for individual artists and creative communities, by focusing on possibility rather than despairing at the unknown Nicole Canham argues that people working across the creative industries have a significant opportunity to empower themselves through reimagining their social role as artists.

headshotNicole Canham “Nicole Canham is capable of turning musical chairs into a serious cultural event” – CityNews. Churchill Fellow Nicole Canham is an independent performing artist and artistic director whose work explores the understanding and interpretation of music and the place the arts hold in people’s lives. Nicole works in classical performance, specialising in chamber music and also collaborates with a range of artists from theatre, film, photography, visual art and dance.

Nicole obtained her Prix de Perfectionnement in the class of Philippe Cuper at the CNR de Versailles, France. Her discography includes recordings for The Anthology of Australian Music, Tall Poppies and Move Records. Recent projects include an international collaborative project Hourglass, working with a team of Mexican and Australian composers, video and installation artists and participation in Chamber Made Opera’s iPad version of Helen Gifford’s Exile. With the company Polyartistry she has completed projects in partnership with Opera Australia, which included collaborations with Bobby Singh, tabla, Sarangan Sriranganathan, sitar, DJ JayTee, Soulbeats and well known hip hop artist and producer Morganics. www.nicolecanham.com

Cissi Tsang is a cross-disciplinary artist who uses multiple data structures from the found environment to create audio-visual work. Works are created through re-appropriating digital media and using hexadecimal data (HEX), field footage, field recordings, music visualisation and live performance to create parallel perspectives of the environment in the work.

Tsang’s piece to be performed, entitled The Light That Is Waiting, for woodwind, stringed instruments and laptop, is based on taking elements of data from a photograph of the The Pinnacles in Western Australia. Through using the found environment as compositional parameters, The Light That Is Waiting also draws strong parallels with Nicole Canham’s address through re-imagining the environment and exploring methods of conveying narrative and experience through multiple methods of engagement.

Cissi’s commission is supported by funds from the Difficult Commission Project, an ongoing tax deductible donation project that enables Decibel to commission new works by Western Australian composers. Please consider contributing to this project here.