Sounds Outback

Violins in the Outback 2001

Artists and Event Program

Event Program

Saturday 14th April
12 pm Gates open
6 pm The Schvendes String Quartet
7 pm Hollis Taylor – US Fiddle Champion
8 pm Violin Factory ; 20 Piece String Orchestra – Multi Media Performance
Sunday 15th April
10 am Brunch Performance at Wogarno Rock
11 am Fence Music with Jon Rose
Restricted Access Events
4 pm Wire Music with Alan Lamb
5.30pm Sundowner on the Rock



The Schvendes String Quartet

Under the direction of Rachael Dease this vibrant Perth string group will ease all into the weekend with some string renditions of music from old and not so old movies.

Hollis Taylor

US fiddle champion extraordinaire “an intriguing hybrid of jazz, western swing, and bluegrass, spiked with good musicianship and a sense of humor. Taylor has splendid chops, a beguiling sense of humor, and she’s absolutely heart-stopping at slow tempos.”
Mike Parrish, The Oregonian.

Violin Factory 2

Amsterdam based violinist/composer Jon Rose has created this unique Multi Media event featuring 20 piece string Orchestra, Industrial Percussion and Samplers, Interactive Video projections and voice. The Wogarno presentation features vision and sounds recorded on a trip to the station in late Jan 2001.

Wire Music

In 1999 Perth sound artist Alan Lamb travelled to wogarno station with UK composer Kaffe Mathews to set up a wire installation long lengths of heavy duty wire stretched over large boulders. The sounds produced from the wind in the wires were recorded, mixed together and are now on CDs sold around the world.

Fence music

A virtuosic violinist himself, Jon Rose applies his bow to amplified fence wires with astonishing effect!