Scale Variable

Scale Variable 2012

Concert 1

The Complete John Cage Variations I – VII: Decibel

7:30pm Wednesday 28 March
Hackett Hall Gallery, Western Australian Museum

To celebrate the centenary of John Cage’s birth, Decibel presents a performance of the complete Variations I – VIII. These works reflect the most productive ten years of Cage’s compositional life from 1958 to 1968, and show the evolution of aleatoric, multi-media and improvised approaches in his work. Decibel use their skills in technology revision, electronic manipulation, performance and interactive scoring to present these works using contemporary possibilities. Traditional musical instruments and period technologies will be used alongside projections, photo cells, dance, internet transmissions, tape recordings as well as custom designed circuitry and programming. Rare composers notes and missing parts have been sourced from the John Cage Trust, the New York Public Library, and the Langlois Foundation.

Decibel is a Perth based ensemble devoted to performing works that explore the nexus of acoustic and electronic instruments. Decibel won the 2011 AMC/APRA Art Music Awards Inaugural Award for Excellence in Experimental Music. They toured Europe for SudWest Radio Funk in early 2012.

Cat Hope (artistic director, flutes) | Lindsay Vickery (reeds, programming) | Stuart James (piano, percussion, programming) | Tristen Parr (cello) | Malcolm Riddoch (electronics, networking) | Aaron Wyatt (violin, viola).

Special guests for the performance include dancers Laura Boynes, James Berlyn, Rhiannon Newton and Jaqui Claus as well as Meg Travers on antennas and radios.