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Scale Variable 2010

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The exciting Western Australian new music ensemble Decibel presents Still and Moving Lines, a performance of the music of American experimental music composer Alvin Lucier. Lucier explores acoustic phenomena and auditory perception in works that combine sound art, installation and more traditional music formats.

In Still and Moving Lines, Decibel will perform works that examine the physical properties of sound itself: resonance of spaces, interference between closely-tuned pitches, and the transmission of sound through physical media such as walls and objects.

The program features one of the keystones of electronic music, I am Sitting in a Room, featuring special guest performer Peter Holland, taking his distinctive voice and allowing the acoustics of the room to render it unrecognisable.
Nothing is Real (Strawberry Fields) explores the memory of the famous Beatle’s tune using a tea pot as a reproductive sound chamber, and Carbon Copies has musicians performing with sounds of the environment they record themselves. Other pieces use sound activated lights and tone generators alongside traditional instruments.

Decibel is a new music ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia devoted to the nexus of acoustic and electronic instruments. Directed by sound artist and composer Cat Hope, this ensemble features some of Perth’s best new music artists: Lindsay Vickery (reeds, computer), Stuart James (piano, percussion, computer), Tristan Parr (cell) and Malcolm Riddoch (electronics).

Initiated in 2001 by Tura New Music, Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series set out to expose Perth audiences to the ocean of new chamber music created over the past 30 years as well as provide a platform for Western Australian composers to have their worked performed here in WA.