Scale Variable 2017

Concert 2: Rio 1917 by GreyWing

7:30pm Wednesday 31 May
Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA

$10/$22.90/$29.90 Ticketek


Catherine Ashley (harp)
Jameson Feakes (guitar)
Lindsay Vickery (clarinet/saxophone)
Kirsten Smith (flute)
Niamh Dell (oboe)
Stewart Smith (piano)


A hundred years ago musical modernism burst onto the scene of Rio de Janeiro, already one of the biggest cities in the world with a population over a million. In February 1917 French Neo-Classicist Darius Milhaud arrived in Rio de Janeiro as part of a diplomatic entourage and quickly developed an enduring friendship with young Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Milhaud brought with him scores of early Modernist works including Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, which provoked the a major shift in the music of Villa-Lobos.

Rio 1917 is a celebration of Brazilian modern and new music. Western Australian composers Ellie Cumming, Sam Gillies, Alexander Turley, Lindsay Vickery and Chilean/Australian composer Pedro Alvarez respond to Villa-Lobos’ seminal Sexteto Mistico, as well as works by living Brazilian composers Felipe Lara and Flo Menezes.

Villa-Lobos                   Sexteto Mistico [1917] sextet
Flo Menezes                …donde solo las plantas suenan… (… where only the plants
sound…) [2015] harp and electronics
Alexander Turley           Nocturnal [2016] sextet
Pedro Alvarez               Instead [2013] clarinet
Sam Gillies                   new work [2017] sextet and electronics


Ellie Cumming              new work [2017] sextet
Felipe Lara                   Parábolas na Caverna (Parables in the Cave) [2014] flute and
Lindsay Vickery            Liminario [2017] sextet and electronics