Scale Variable 2017

Concert 2: Rio 1917 by GreyWing

7:30pm Wednesday 31 May
Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA

$10/$22.90/$29.90 Ticketek | Tickets on sale soon


Catherine Ashley (harp)
Jameson Feakes (guitar)
Lindsay Vickery (clarinet/saxophone)
Kirsten Smith (flute)
Plus Guests


A hundred years ago musical modernism burst onto the scene of Rio de Janeiro, already one of the biggest cities in the world with a population over a million. In February 1917 French Neo-Classicist Darius Milhaud arrived in Rio de Janeiro as part of a diplomatic entourage and quickly developed an enduring friendship with young Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Milhaud brought with him scores of early Modernist works including Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, which provoked the a major shift in the music of Villa-Lobos. This concert celebrates the music of Brazil both Modern and New Music through performances of Villa-Lobos’ seminal Sexteto Mistico, works by living Brazilian composers Felipe Lara and Flo Menezes, and responses to those works by Western Australian composers Ellie Cumming, Sam Gillies, Alexander Turley, Lindsay Vickery, (and in an act of continental unity), Chilean/Australian composer Pedro Alvarez.

Villa-Lobos                   Sexteto Mistico [1917] sextet
Flo Menezes                …donde solo las plantas suenan… (… where only the plants
sound…) [2015] harp and electronics
Alexander Turley           Nocturnal [2016] sextet
Pedro Alvarez               Instead [2013] clarinet
Sam Gillies                   new work [2017] sextet and electronics


Ellie Cumming              new work [2017] sextet
Felipe Lara                   Parábolas na Caverna (Parables in the Cave) [2014] flute and
Lindsay Vickery            Liminario [2017] sextet and electronics