Scale Variable 2016

Concert 3: The Calm Before by Soundstorm

7:30pm Wednesday 2 November 2016
Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre, Perth Cultural Centre
$15/$23/$32.50 Ticketek


Kirsten Smith (flutes), Louise Devenish (percussion), Dobromila Jaskot (piano/live electronics), Catherine Ashley (harp), Tristen Parr (cello) and Joan Wright (double bass).


The Calm Before is curated by Polish Australian composer Dominik Karski as part of his Soundstorm project to perform fully scored new chamber music bringing together influences from the cultural traditions of Europe, Central Asia, South America and Australia. The works in this program feature each instrument in rich configurations of performance techniques to form an intense interplay between physical actions and emotions.

Featuring Giacinto Scelsi’s Okanagon; Pedro Alvarez’s De Mares Imaginados and for percussion and double bass; Dobromila Jaskot’s atnongara and hannah and Dominik Karski’s Streamforms and Along the Edge of Darkness.