Scale Variable 2016

Scale Variable dive into the vast ocean of new chamber music.

Tura is delighted to introduce you to the 2016 Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series presented in association with the Perth Theatre Trust at the State Theatre Centre’s Studio Underground. These four concerts represent an enthralling spectrum of new chamber music practice in WA and around the world. This is the perfect opportunity to sample a taste of the new and unexpected from composers of the modern era, including those alive amongst us now, and the performers who render their work. Join us in this great journey of making a living culture.

2016 Program

Concert 1 Intermodulations by Decibel
7.30pm Wednesday 7 June

Concert 2 Scattered Experiments by James Hullick/Louise Devenish
7.30pm Saturday 27 August

Concert 3 The Calm Before by Soundstorm
7.30pm Wednesday 2 November

Concert 4 Darkened Descent by Intercurrent
7.30pm Wednesday 14 December

All concerts at Studio Underground at The State Theatre of WA and presented in association with the Perth Theatre Trust.