Regional Residency

Regional Residency 2012

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Tura New Music in association with Waringarri Arts Centre is presenting the third in its annual Remote Artist in Residence Program during September – October, by well known Australian sound artist, Dr Phil Samartzis. This follows the successful 2010 Residency in the communities of the Dampier Peninsula and the 2011 Residency in Warmun.

The artist will work within the Kununurra community to construct a new sound art work derived from the rich sound environment and human sound world of the Kununurra region. Integral to the project will be the process of working with the local artists and community to develop an understanding of the sounds that are most meaningful to them for inclusion in the composition.

The surround sound work created will be presented at the conclusion of the residency and remain in the community. In the future the work will be exhibited across the world.

Waringarri Arts Centre

Established in the early 1980’s, in the heart of Miriwoong country. Waringarri artists share the importance of country and culture, while exploring a celebration of colour, composition and individualism.

The art centre is wholly indigenous owned and operates as an artists studio and gallery selling ochre paintings, limited edition prints, engraved boabs and wood carvings. Waringarri Aboriginal Art provides Miriwoong people with economic independence and opportunities to share and celebrate their cultural heritage. Regular traditional corroboree performances are held throughout the year, complementing the vitality of Miriwoong cultural identity andenriching the artists’ painting practice.


The 2012 Remote Residency is sponsored by Heathway to promote the Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture Message and supported by RMIT.