Partition Concrète: The Music of Lionel Marchetti (FR) and Decibel (AUS)

A night of experimental new chamber music at The Sewing room.

7:30pm Monday 26 August
The Sewing Room Perth
$10 – $20 Tickets
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Lionel Marchetti (FR)
Decibel New Music Ensemble (AUS)


Decibel (AUS) and Lionel Marchetti (FR) take over Sewing Room on to present a selection of collaborative spatial works created over a period of 8 years.

Entitled Partition Concrète, the program will explore the combination of the music concrète approach to composition with live instrumental performance, resulting is a range of works that feature what Marchetti calls a ‘Partition Concrète’, a fixed media part that is diffused in the space in interesting ways, seeking to make the mechanism of the speaker invisible and the sounds they produce indiscernible from live instruments.

This will be an atmospheric concert of delicate but at times surprising sounds. The recent release of a recording of these works, on Brisbane Label Room 40 last year, was named ‘a masterpeice’ in Italian music magazine ToneShift, and was listed on Nicola Orlandino’s “Best Artworks of 2018” list.
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The Program:

The Last Days of Reality for bass flute and tam tam.
Une séries de reflets for Ensemble
The earth defeats me for bass flute and bass clarinet
Plus a new collaborative work to be premiered on the night.

This concert will form part of Decibel And Marchetti’s national tour of concerts in WA, VIC and NSW as well as compositional residencies at WAAPA and Monash University.

About the Artists:

Lionel Marchetti is a composer of musique concrète. First self-taught, he discovered the catalogue of Musique Concrète withXavier Garcia. He has built his own recording studio, and composes also in the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM) in Paris since 1993. Lionel Marchetti also performs improvisation using microphones and loudspeakers, as a duo with Jérôme Noetinger, with the collective Le Cube with (Christophe Auger,Étienne Caire, Christophe Cardoen, Xavier Quérel, Jérôme Noetinger, Gaëlle Rouard) that performs live music and where films are shown and worked on interactively, and with the collective Archipel:Emmanuel Petit, Mathieu Werchowski,Sophie Agnel, Fabrice Charles, Pascal Battus. Since 1992, he organizes regular workshops centered on Radio and creation together with Olivier Capparos for France Culture. At the same time, he writes poetry, and develops theoretical thoughts on Musique concrète and the art of the loudspeaker

Based in Western Australia, Decibel are world leaders in the integration of acoustic instruments and electronics, the interpretation of graphic notations and pioneering digital score formats for composition and performance.

Decibel have commissioned over 60 new works since their foundation in 2009, have toured Europe and Australia, recorded for ABC Classic FM and SWR German Radio, and released five albums to date on Australian and international labels. The ensemble has developed and commercialised the Decibel ScorePlayer iPad app, a score reading device incorporating mobile score formats and networked coordination performance environments that is sold worldwide.

Decibel are Cat Hope (artistic director, flutes, bass), Lindsay Vickery (reeds), Stuart James (electronics, keyboards, drum kit), Aaron Wyatt (viola), Tristen Parr (cello) and Louise Devenish (percussion).