In Situ 2019 Composer and Sound Designer Call-Out

In 2019 In Situ will be taking over Cyril Jackson Senior Campus

In Situ is an annual performance platform that showcases new site-specific dance works by a selection of independent WA choreographers. Cyril Jackson Senior Campus will be our home to these new works in 2019. The result is a performance season that fundamentally engages with the unique architecture, history, and community of the site. A fusion of dance, music and location, the audience is taken on a self-guided journey of discovery through a vital community site in an unfamiliar way.

In Situ performers by Emma Fishwick

In Situ performers by Emma Fishwick

General Information

Following from successful seasons at East Perth Girl’s School, Saint George’s Cathedral, the State Theatre Centre Courtyard, Fremantle Arts Centre, and Uncle Joe’s Mess Hall, this year’s program will take place at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus. In Situ will again partner with Tura New Music. Composers will work alongside each of the choreographers in the space. The season will run twice a night on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of November.

Cyril Jackson is an all ages senior high school campus where students of all ages can complete their high school accreditation. For some its their first on-campus schooling experience, for others Cyril Jackson represents a second chance. This is a site where community sits within the foundations of the buildings we’ll be performing in.

Cyril Jackson also sits within the historic Town of Bassendean. Bounded on two sides by the Swan River, Bassendean became a separate local authority in 1901. Bassendeen has a rich cultural history. It is an important hunting and gathering site, and meeting place for the Noongar people. Bassendean also participated in both World Wars, and, as a working-class suburb, it was severely affected by the 1930s Depression. It saw rapid population growth with the migrations of new residents from Britain, Europe and Asia during the post-World War II period. Through it all, Bassendean has retained its strong sense of identity and community, to become the thriving township it is today.

Please note that In Situ’s happening is funding dependent.

What are we looking for?

This year In Situ is trying something new. This year we will be taking applications for two types of performance: Destination works, and Detour works.

The first is a set of three Destination works. Each of these works will be choreographed for a particular part of the site, and have a running time of approximately 20 minutes in total. This 15-25 minutes could be two 10 minute works, a repeating cycle of four 5 minute works, or any possible number of durational combinations. Each of these works will be supported by a participating composer. The way the dance and music interact is entirely up to the sound designer and choreographer to negotiate. For this role we are looking for three composers to support three choreographers.

The second mode of site engagement we are offering is that of the Detour. Their role is to respond to the event as a whole, to act as a conduit between the site, the choreographed works, and the audience. The Detour artists are the glue that holds the performance together, and encourage the audience’s curiosity about exploring the site and engaging with the different works. These works may engage more unusual and obscure locations with the site, and offer a chance for immediate moment-to-moment site response.

We are looking for new and creative ideas of how to engage our sites, and this new role is an opportunity for artists to think in new ways about how they engage with the site, and with the audience. For this role we are looking for one performer and one sound designer, but these roles are flexible depending on who applies.

Production Information

We will be holding a site-visit on Tuesday July 23rd from 12:15pm – 2pm. This will be your opportunity to be taken on a guided tour of the site, seek out your favourite locations, and maybe meet some members of the Cyril Jackson community. At this site-visit we will also hold a speed dating session so that prospective choreographers and composers can meet each other and exchange ideas about site, sound, and movement.

Applications are due on August 22nd. Successful applications will be notified and announced by the September the 6th, with an on-site rehearsal period running from 23rd September – November 4th.

Applications will be assessed by this year’s curatorial team of Daisy Sanders, Serena Chalker, and Geordie Crawley, as well as representatives from Tura New Music, Unkempt Dance, STRUT Dance.

Technical rehearsals will take place from November 1st – November 4th, with dress and tech run occurring November 5th and 6th. The production will run twice a night on November 7th, 8th, and 9th.

As a participating composer, you will receive rehearsal time at Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, video documentation of your work, and a fee of $800 for producing a score of up to 20 minutes. A basic sound set-up will be provided, however, if there are any additional technical requirements it is the composer’s responsibility to to arrange this. The work (sound and choreographer) must be sufficiently developed for the curatorial team to view within one to two weeks prior to Tech Week for programming.

The curatorial team will liaise with Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Tura, STRUT and Production Manager Jessie Atkins regarding rehearsals and technical production on behalf of participating artists.

Composers, Choreographers and their cast must be available to assist with any additional tasks required for the professional presentation of the season. This may include assistance with lighting/prop operations of other programmed works, social media promotion, front of house, and any other related tasks. All boats rise with the tide, so we always appreciate helpful team members.


August 16, 12:30 – 1:30pm Artist Site Visit & Speed Dating Session
August 22nd Applications Due
September 6th Applicants Notified
September 18th Cyril Jackson Spring Fair
September 23rd – November 4th Rehearsal Period
September 30th – October 11th Cyril Jackson School Holidays – All Day Site Access
November 4th, 5th, 6th Production Week
November 7th, 8th, 9th Performance Season
November 10th Final Bump-Out


  • In Situ 2019 is open to all composers, both emerging and established.
  • Composers must have substantial availability within the rehearsal period to ensure sufficient development of work.
  • Composers must be able to attend a debriefing session during the week following the performances, at a time to be advised.

Selection Criteria

Artistic Merit 30%
Consideration of Space, and true site-specific integrity 50%
Overall program Balance (the mix of concepts and locations within the venue) 10%
Practicality of staging the proposed performance in the space 10%


Please complete this online application form, including relevant support material, by Midnight August 22nd. Applicants are encouraged to keep their applications succinct. The form is designed to take minimal time and effort – Dot points are more than acceptable.

In the application you can specify whether there is a correlating composer or choreographer with whom you would like to work. If you do not have a preferred partner, you are encouraged to apply regardless, and the curatorial selection panel will pair you with an appropriate collaborator.

We encourage all potential applicants to attend the site visit and speed-dating session.


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