GreyWing Releases

GreyWing has announced the launch of their first two albums nature forms I and lines of flight. Out on Tone List, they will be available as download or limited edition ‘concertina book’ set.

The releases feature music by Catherine Ashley, ​Matthew Burtner, Eduardo Cossio, Sam Gillies, Cat Hope, Yoko Ono, Vanessa Tomlinson, Chaz Underriner and Lindsay Vickery.

GreyWing ensemble is Kirsten Smith (flute), Jameson Feakes (guitar), Catherine Ashley (harp) and Lindsay Vickery (clarinet).

The albums are released as digital downloads, accompanied by a limited-edition release of concertina scores, bound in an engraved wooden case. These limited-edition items also include essays on the pieces, postcards and stickers. The releases are available from Tone List.

GreyWing nature forms Launch

6pm Sun 25 March
Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary, Bayswater
Entry by donation

A concert by GreyWing of their ‘nature forms’ program, featuring experimental ensemble works by composers Lindsay Vickery, Yoko Ono, Matthew Burtner, Sam Gillies and Vanessa Tomlinson.

The concert will be held outdoors at the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary, with the music performed at a volume level so as to blend with the surrounding environment.

GreyWing lines of flight Launch

6pm Fri 6 April
Gallop House
Entry by donation

A concert by GreyWing of their ‘lines of flight’ program, featuring experimental ensemble works by Western Australian composers Cat Hope, Lindsay Vickery, Sam Gillies, Eduardo Cossio and Catherine Ashley.

The concert will also feature a solo performance by Netherlands-based composer Kate Moore, the current composer-in-residence at Gallop House.