Club Zho

Zho 2014

Zho 109: HzHzHz, Hedkikr, Intensoband

8pm Mon 7th July
Hellenic Club, 75 Stirling St, Northbridge

$10 online and at the door
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The Australian premiere performance of the new noise/free improvisation duo of Cat Hope & Tristen Parr, HzHzHz. Plus a once-in-ten-years reunion of HEDKIKR, the chaotic duo of Darren Moore and Lindsay Vickery, all supported by WAMi Experimental Song of the Year nominees The Intensoband with their aggressive trio of drums, Rhodes and sampler

HzHzHz is Cat Hope (bass guitar and analogue electronics) and Tristen Parr (cello and digital electronics). Based in Western Australia, this improvisation duo brings together the range of very different practices covered by these two artists – noise, experimental classical and pop – creating a dense exploration of the possibilities for low frequency sound colour. The collaboration developed from within new music ensemble Decibel, where they performed as a duo in the groups interpretation of John Cage’s “Variations VI”.


Australian duo HEDKIKR return for a once in 10 year performance featu

ring their unique blend electronics and intense improvisation. Since its formation in May 2001 the duo has played at The Knitting Factory (NYC), the DC International Dance+ Improv Festival as part of an eight-city tour of the USA, the Audio Art Festival (Poland), WhatisMusic? the Bienalle of Electronic Art Perth and the Totally Huge Festival.  HEDKIKR have worked closely with the Tissue Culture and Art Group at SymbioticA in Perth.There is an undeniable connection between the organic development of the living cells that are the focus of TCA’s work and the duo’s musical ideas. HEDKIKR’s work emanates from an interaction that is heavily weighted toward the physical and the subconscious. It comes from the body, from under the mind & from outside.


Try to imagine a place where the birds bark like dogs and men sweat 24hrs a day, Slithering around in a frenzy like snakes with their heads cut off while the hyenas pace the periphery with terror in their eyes and a smile on their lips, encircling three town officials as they ready themselves for the noise.

There is no way of telling how it will begin as the entire process is done on the fly: a muted sub-sonic rumbling bass emanates from the sample station, followed perhaps by the searing brass whining of a drumstick being dragged around the main cymbal whilst a feverish man stands three feet back of a Rhodes with eyes like bags of dirty water as if waiting for his cue. Without warning he lunges at the keys like a wolverine. And the engine, which is ‘the INTENSO band’, bursts into life, gradually gathering momentum, then pulling back before lurching forward again toward one of several peaks where cohesion is finally consummate and another INTENSO child is born. Like a nine pound leach on the base of the spine.

Club Zho is project of Tura New Music. Zho 109 is presented in association with Chrissie Parrott Arts