Club Zho

Zho 2012

Club Zho 102

Young Composers Night
8pm Tuesday 7 August 2012
The Bakery
Club Zho returns to the Bakery on Tuesday 7 August featuring a selection of Perth’s young and emerging composers and sound artists. Presented by Tura New Music. Club Zho 102 will showcase the works of five innovative and adventurous emerging composers. Sam Gillies will be presenting a work for two laptop performers and electric guitarist. Drawing from the sound palette of the noise and shoe-gaze world and the role of the guitar, Gillies piece creates extended walls of sound via the dual of two laptop artists.

Henry Andersen will be presenting Colourfield II, a piece for two percussionists and MAX/MSP, exploring the differences in live performers and laptop processing.

Chris Honey piece P2 is a solo piece for laptop and piano. Revolving around a short chord progression, sound is recorded and then divided into thousands of extremely short durations. These lengthened loops are then slowly layered upon each other whilst effects are applied so as to create a thick and lush sound environment.

Kyle Wilson will be presenting an improvised piece for guitar/amplifier/pedals and live electronics.

Jake Steele’s installation work focuses on minimalism, electronic dance music and torture.

Club Zho is a regular presentation of new music in a semi-formal environment. 2012 is Zho’s 13th year in existence. It has built up an impressive list of artists who have exhibited predominantly new works. Presented by Tura New Music.

Tickets available from and at the door, $15 standard $10 concession.