Club Zho

Zho 2012

Club Zho 101


Club Zho 101 returns to The Bakery on Tuesday 10th of July and focuses on three innovative Perth acts, with yls and Air Mutande exploring multidimensional electronic inventions, and Trilby & Guests presenting an electroacoustic performance featuring voice, guitar and theremin.

yls is a collaborative project between musician Laura Jane Lowther (kučka) and UK-based performance artist Jessica Doyle. Using skype they collaborate across continents to create a performance between two spaces and time zones, focusing on the omnipresence of the Internet and the ever-increasing reliance that people have on the network. Jessica will simultaneously be performing live at a privately owned gallery in Liverpool, UK.

Air Mutande is a collaboration between Cameron George and Steven Aaron Hughes (Usurper of Modern Medicine). Using improvised beats, keyboards and vocals in combination with gyroscope/midi technology Air Mutande uses the acceleration and orientation of a Frisbee to create sound and invites the viewer to participate and become part of the music. Based on Cameron George’s previous experiments into dynamic control using max/msp the duo make use of the Frisbee as an instrument creating melodies, changing pitches and modulating various features of their composition.Trilby & Guests perform cross-modulatory experiments in psychoacoustics, featuring voice, theremin and various analogue sonic manipulators. A duophonic soundscape is created by combining theremin and processed vocals as a synth strives to be a voice, whilst classical vocals interact with electronic synthesis.Tickets available from and at the door, $15 standard $10 concession. Presented by Tura New Music.

Club Zho is a part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season 2012.