Club Zho

Zho 2011

Club Zho 98

Alexandre Babel, Stuart James

Monday 1 August 2011
The Bakery, James St, Perth

Alex Babel

Drummer, percussionnist, improviser, composer and new music instrumentalist, Alexandre Babel uses the drumkit as a concentrate of sound possibilities. He creates a radical/explosive/unusual device out of the kit, with which his technical skills allow the most expressive overflowing drumming as well as the finest minimalist abstract textures.

Stuart James

This performance will be centered around explorations in live percussion and live electronic re-processing, step sequencing, and timbral spatialisation. The three works are each contrasted by exploring different aspects and qualities of untuned percussion instruments – timbre and color, polyrhythm and fragmentation of time, and pulse/attack/decay. Live sampling will be fused with generative sound synthesis to create an organic and multilayered tapestry of structured sound.