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Zho 2011

Club Zho 97

Marc Behrens (DE) Ross Bolleter (WA)

As part of Liquid Architecture 12

Monday 27 June 2011

The Bakery, James Street, Northbridge


Marc Behrens

Marc Behrens plays concrete music with spatialised sound sources, mobilizing cerebral and physical energy fields. His live pieces are specifically conceived to addressing a group of listeners in a space. Most of the sound material used live derives from field recorded natural and urban environments as well as from studio recordings of various percussion instrument-like constructions. Behrens links live performance to the agility or rigidity of the body (breathing, tension, movement, position). The flow between compositional modules enters into a feedback loop with the inner state of the performer’s body, thus a physical energy can be perceived by the audience.


Depending on the condition and dimensions of the spaces he finds himself in, Marc Behrens will eventually rearrange furniture, install specific lighting or mount small speakers on tripods to distinguish two spheres of diffusion: a more intimate array of mobile, personal sound sources and an immersive 4-channel array of fixed PA speakers.


Behrens has performed and exhibited extensively across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, North America, and East Asia, and developed collaborations with Jeremy Bernstein, Ana Carvalho, Bernhard Günter, Nikolaus Heyduck, Francisco López, Paulo Raposo, Achim Wollscheid, among others.

2006–2010 Marc Behrens was a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, Saarbrücken Germany (HBKSaar), and 2007–2009 at the University of Applied Arts Darmstadt-Dieburg, Germany. He is a member of the Frankfurt Association for Contemporary Music (FGNM), the German Association for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM), Granular (Lisbon), subscriber to the Electronic Music Foundation (EMF), and a citizen of The Kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland. 2003–2007 he was co-director of the Portuguese music label Sirr.


Ross Bolleter Piano Archeologico: Accordion into the Abyss


“This piece was inspired by a photograph from Genoa of a famous Italian coloratura accordionist Lunardi playing a Super 6 Piano accordion and an electric organ simultaneously. I intersperse the musical episodes with stories of the ruined accordion and ruined piano, and additionally refer to music that was played on these decaying instruments in their more pristine early years. Piano Archeologico: Accordion into the Abyss will be enclosed by a series of short improvisations on the ruined piano and the ruined accordion, singly”. RB

Ross Bolleter is a West Australian improviser/composer, working with ruined pianos since 1987.


“Bolleter is a consummate musician, who extracts a unique musicality from every instrument. This is fabulous music.”

Chris Reid, Realtime Magazine, April – May 2002


Liquid Architecture 12

A national sound arts project, Liquid Architecture occurs annually with events and presentations across a range of sound art practices. LA features some of our most imaginative musicians, composers, sound designers and media artists in a sense-specific feast for the ears. Tura New Music is proud to again present the WA leg of Liquid Architecture.