Club Zho

Zho 2011

Club Zho 96

Members Launch/Young & Emerging Composers

Sam Gillies, Cycle~440, Suzanne Kosowitz, Alex Morris, Jarryd Bird

Monday 21 March 2011

The Bakery, James Street, Northbridge


Youth has always been a strong focus of Club Zho concerts. Club Zho 96 will look to further engage a youth audience by presenting a night of works by young and emerging Western Australian composers and sound artists. The night will also see the launch of Club Zho Membership. Becoming a Club Zho member will entitle you to discounted tickets for future Club Zho concerts as well as exclusive promotions and giveaways. The Bakery is the ideal setting for these young aspiring music mavericks and seemingly combines an intimate performance space with a 900 capacity music venue.


Featured composers have links to WAAPA and UWA’s School of Music. All are active in the Perth New Music scene. From acoustic new music, to experimental laptop performance, to soundscape composition, to free improvisation, these artists are straddling the boundaries of traditional music, striving to redefine our definition of what music is.


Sam Gillies

Sam Gillies is an Australian composer who has a primary focus on electro-acoustic music and the operation of the laptop as an instrument in it’s own right. He studied a Bachelor of Arts at UWA before undertaking his studies at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Artistically, Sam is influenced by the ideas in the glitch, works of Pimmon and Alva Noto and noisy textures of Merzbow as he incorporates a maximalist approach to glitch in the extortion and creation of dense layers of sound.


Cycle~440 is the Australian electro-acoustic duo of Sam Gillies (laptop) and Kevin Penkin (piano) that draws upon, amongst other artists, the works of Alva Noto in the pursuit of engaging electro-acoustic music. Live performances are structured improvisations focusing on the fusion of familiar instrumentation with extensive electronic sampling and processing to create alternating soundscapes of extreme fragility and overwhelming density.


Suzanne Kosowitz

Suzanne Kosowitz is a composer from Perth, WA, and is currently in her final year of Composition Studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. Her background in jazz performance features in her compositions, varying from traditional big band arrangements to experimental works. By incorporating the computer program Max/MSP with live instrumentalists, Kosowitz explores traditional jazz improvisation with modern electronics to create a novel experience for performers and listeners alike.


Alex Morris

Whilst completing his tertiary education at the University of WA, Alex received numerous premieres and accolades for his work. Alex is also a keen arranger, having been commissioned to write for a wide variety of instrumental and vocal ensembles, including the WA Symphony Orchestra. Alex is currently employed as the Music Director of Vocal Evolution and plays an active role within the a capella community across Australia. Alex is also currently employed as the Orchestra Manager of the WA Symphony Orchestra.


Jarryd Bird

Jarryd Theodore Bird is an electronic composer who takes influence from the sound mass techniques of the Polish School composers and combines it with modern digital electronics. He enjoys creating texturally thick music using complex programming and experimentation with recording and processing of samples. Overall his aim is to produce works that, although quite intricate in design, are still able to create a sense of deep melancholy.