Club Zho

Zho 2010

Club Zho 93

Robbie Avenaim (NSW), Granular Synthesis, Ben Amblin

Tuesday 12 October
The Bakery, James St, Northbridge


Robbie Avenaim

Over the past 25 years Robbie has combined traditional and extended techniques with physical modification of the drums. Modifications include extending use of the instruments and various motorised percussive mechanisms.

“His music was like waking up to an alarm clock, only in reverse; the hypnotic quality of the sound pulling the listener into a dream world.” Real Time


Granular Synthesis

Granular Synthesis composers collective is a group of five musicians and composers pushing the creative boundaries of new music. Free form and tightly structured organisation, live multi-faceted electronic manipulation and improvised visual scores.


Ben Hamblin

Ben Hamblin is an electronic musician, experimental composer, and sound artist interested in creating musical complexities from seemingly minimal audio/sound/noise.