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12 Dog Cycle (AUS/TAI), Sean Baxter (VIC), David Boring (WA)

As part of the 2010 Liquid Architecture Festival

Monday 28 June 2010
The Bird, 181 William St, Northbridge

Liquid Architecture 11: Australia’s premier sound arts festival Liquid Architecture occurs annually with a range of events often including concerts, immersive sound presentations, audio-visual and recorded work, exhibitions and installations, and featuring our most imaginative musicians, composers, sound designers and media artists in a sense-specific feast for the ears.



12 Dog Cycle are Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) and Nigel Brown (Australia)

12 dog cycle

12 Dog Cycle are Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) and Nigel Brown (Australia). They pair the breathing limitations of piano accordion and human voice, extending the voice through extreme unconventional technique and the accordion as acoustic properties with preparations and live electronic manipulation. ›


Sean Baxter

Sean Baxter

Sean Baxter is an Australian improviser interested in extreme music forms. He focuses on the use of extended techniques applied to the conventional drumkit, utilising an arsenal of metallic junk and other percussive detritus. His performance aesthetic evokes a variety of sonic practices, ranging from extreme metal and punishing noise to free jazz and the Modernist abstraction of the classical avant garde.

He performs regularly with the internationally renowned Pateras/Baxter/Brown trio, the brutal free-jazz-grind quartet, Embers, and in frequent collaborative and solo incarnations.

In addition to solo percussion performance, he also appears occasionally as DJ Arsecrack: a no-fi, plunderphonics DJ project; and has a sporadic, absurdist performance art collaboration with Erick Mitsak, founding the La Basta theatre project at the turn of the millennium, and most recently appearing in an episode of Mitsak’s The Science of Music.

A founding member of pioneering Melbourne experimental groups bucketrider, Lazy and Western Grey, Baxter has been an active presence in adventurous, improvised music in Australia since the early 1990s. He is currently curating the Make it Up Club, Australia’s longest-running, weekly improvised music series.



David Boring

David Boring performs analog and digital noise music, primarily composed of no-input feedback, turntable operation and digital manipulation of synthesis, sample operations and raw data flows. Boring’s music is created of the interactions between free and repeating sounds loosed within the bounds of rule and chance-derived “games” or lawless improvisation – with the ultimate design to be loud, harsh and uncompromising.