Club Zho 2016

Club Zho 129: Robbie Avenaim / Dobromila Jaskot / Gerygone

Robbie Avenaim / Dobromila Jaskot / Gerygone

7:30pm Thursday 14 July
Bar 459 @ The Rosemount

Tura presents another instalment of experimental and improvised music at Bar 459. Featuring Gerygone – a new project lead by Peruvian musician Eduardo Cossio, presenting improvised compositions. Dobromila Jaskot performing her work Loogshmaar – An atmospheric journey in suspended time surrounded by sounds and rumbles of supernatural beings existing between the real and spiritual world. Closing the night will be a set by percussionist, composer and sound installation artist Robbie Avenaim whose practice combines traditional and extended techniques with physical modification of the drums.

Artist Bios:
Robbie Avenaim
Robbie began playing drums at the age of 10, at 16 he commenced informal studies with Jazz drummers drummers Alan Turnbull and Tony Buck (The Necks) in Sydney Australia, At the age of 23 Avenaim studied in New York with composer John Zorn (US) in 1996.  Between 1997 – 2005, he studied with Gunter Muller (De), Cor Fuhler (NL), Keith Rowe (Fr), also traveled to Zimbabwe to study with drummer Sam Chugamucinyi (ZW). Avenaim advanced his studies by mentorship programs with Ernie Althoff (AU) in 2002-6 and recent studies with Conductor Ilan Volkov (IL) in Tel Aviv in 2013. Since then, he has developed a well-rounded understanding of percussion, composition and its capabilities through rigorous investigation.Robbie Avenaim with SARPS
Since 2007, Robbie has focussed on being a percussionist  and composer who’s practice combines traditional and extended techniques with physical modification of the drums. Recent modifications have included the invention and application of motorised percussive mechanisms, namely SARPS (Semi Automated Robotic Percussion System) and it’s latest development SARPS 2.0. The design of new instruments is an integral part of Avenaim’s improvisatory and compositional processes in providing access to a greater vocabulary of sounds as well as expanding the role of percussion in experimental and contemporary classical musics. His kinetic sound installations have been featured at numerous galleries and festivals around the world.

Dobromila Jaskot
Dobromila Jaskot is a Polish internationally active composer, living in Australia, specialising in electro-acoustic, instrumental (from solo to orchestra), and theatre music, alongside multimedia collaborations.

During her academic career she has obtained PhD in composition whilst being successful as a lecturer (Vice-Chancellor’s Award, Music Academy in Bydgoszcz, Poland). As a passionate teacher (music, composition, piano) she has gained rich experience in higher education (Poland, UK, Australia). She has also conducted a range of creative workshops and given presentations about new music to people of various ages and backgrounds.

Dobromila’s music has been presented at major international festivals, e.g. commissions from the Warsaw Autumn and Musica Eletronica Nova in Poland, MUSMA European Broadcasting Festival, Contemporary Music Week in Esbjerg (Denmark), with performances at the Ultra Schall in Berlin, the milka smyk c1 bw14th Other Minds Festival in San Francisco, and Totally New Music Festival in Perth (Australia).

Other achievements include international fellowships (Ernst von Siemens Musikstifung in Germany, The European Union National Institute for Culture in Brussels) and composer-in-residence at the Djerrasi Composer Artists Program in California. She has collaborated with leading contemporary music interpreters, such as Ensemble Modern, Mercury Quartet, Flute o’clock, and Anton Lukoszevieze, among others. She is also a passionate organiser of artistic events in new media, having been a director of new media festivals and various electro-acoustic concerts.

Gerygone is a new project lead by Peruvian musician Eduardo Cossio, the ensemble presents compositions whose realisation is improvised and features Dan O’Connor on trumpet; Zoe Kilbourne on soprano saxophone; Edwin Jones on electric guitar; Ben Stacy on percussion and Eduardo Cossio on laptop.