Club Zho 2016

Zho 127: Aviva Endean & Josten Myburgh, Lee/Jacobs/O’Connor, Nathan Thompson

8pm Thursday 19 May
Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel
$10/$15 DOOR SALES

Club Zho returns to Bar 459 for a night of improvisation and exploratory sound. Melbourne-based clarinetist Aviva Endean joins local improviser Josten Myburgh for a duo set of unravelling and unfolding textures. This Zho will also feature the new collaboration of Djuna Lee, Dan O’Connor & Lenny Jacobs, engaging with the extremes of the gradual and the immediate in free jazz, and a performance by Nathan Thompson.


Aviva Endean

Aviva Endean is a performance-maker, clarinettist and composer interested in expanding the audience experience of sound by creating intimate, unusual and spatially engaged contexts for listening. She challenges standard forms and contexts for performance in order to create new and unexpected ways of engaging with her work. Her performance practice spans a wide variety of musical styles and performance contexts including experimental and improvised music, theatre, creating immersive sonic environments, chamber music, folk music and inter-arts collaborations.

Her recent original works include the Intimate Sound Immersion, a performance for one blindfolded person at a time (You Are Here festival, The Village festival, Camp Elsewhere) In the Half Light, a show for solo clarinet and immersive lighting design (presented by ASTRA as part of the JUMP mentorship program) A Face Like Yours a sound work for video, foam earplugs and viewer (selected for Sydney Contemporary Art Fair) Dual Rituals for clarinets and percussion (Bendigo International Festival for Exploratory Music) The Perfect Human for 3 acapella female vocalists and lo-fi lighting (presented by Chamber Made Opera as part of their Little Operations events), Domicile a performance installation work inhabiting a family home (New Music Network mini series) and Hapnophobia a site specific participatory work for 5x5x5 at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

Josten Myburgh

Josten Myburgh is a 22 year old musician interested in exploratory and experimental sound and performance. He composes and produces, performs regularly with saxophone or laptop, runs workshops on musical improvisation, curates concerts, and occasionally dances. His performance history includes Krakow Audio Art Festival, Festival Cable#8 in Nantes, Perth’s Totally Huge New Music Festival, and performances as part of the WASO Composer’s Project and the Speak Percussion Emerging Artists Project, amidst two tours of Europe and multiple visits to the Eastern states. His work focuses on finding new ways to contextualise sounds and situations both familiar and fantastical.


Djuna Lee (bass) is joined by Dan O’Connor (trumpet) and Ben Leeming (drums). This trio has been working together to explore different textures and dynamics within a free improvised setting with the aim of breaking up the traditional contours of improvised music. 

Nathan Thompson

Nathan John Thompson explores the possibilities of man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the hidden creative corners that arise from these relationships. Building machines that play along the blurred edge of the interactive while showing independent thought sometimes only slightly tethered to exterior (re)actions. His work often questions the role of humans in the natural landscape through unknown sono-kinetic territories in order to build greater understanding of our inhabited space. His machines are self built, analogue and lifelike in their behavior, using custom electronic neural-type networks that are on their own, very simple but display behaviour remarkably organic. The live interpretations of this evolving machine language always leads to a performance unique to every setting… the artist both controls and is controlled by the mechanics of these unique lifelike instruments. 

Nathan is currently Artist in Residence at SymbioticA thanks to an Australia Council for the Arts research grant, researching new technologies in human based IP Stem Cell Soft Robotics.
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