Club Zho 2015

Zho 115: Jon Rose, Lindsay Vickery, The Perth iMprov Collective

8pm Monday 23 March. Doors 7.30pm
Jimmy’s Den, James St, Northbridge
Free Entry to celebrate a new era of Club Zho and for the Launch of Tura100

Free improvising violinist extraordinaire Jon Rose will grace the stage with what may be his last violin performance. In town causing havoc in the Cultural Centre with his Big Ball
project Jon slithers into Club Zho to show why he is A true maverick of the new
f_projects_jonrosemusic scene”
 The Australian,
  why he is concerned with the sonic possibilities of bowing, scraping, hitting, plucking or otherwise exciting these thin strands of wire or gut”  and why the results are “fascinating, revolting, interesting, upsetting and mesmerizing…” Jazzword.

Dont miss this chance to hear this great artist live. Read all about his unbelievable body of work at

4380904Joining the bill for this celebratory evening is well known Perth scoundrel Lindsay Vickery with an array of reeds to contort and discombobulate our aural sensitivities.

And to boot members of the Perth iMprov Collective, who will have been workshopping with Mr Rose, and his German assistant Johannes Rosenberg, in the days leading up to this historic Zho, will do a set which better show that it was all worth our while (well at least to justify this long and grammatically poor sentence.)

This will be the first of many Zho’s at this brilliant new music venue in Northbridge…