Club Zho 2015

Zho 117 : McNab & Holmes, Myburgh & Gioia, iMprov

Michael McNab & Shani Holmes, Josten Myburgh & David Gioia, Perth iMprov Collective

8pm Wednesday 6 May
Jimmys Den

Michael McNab (Drumkit and options) & Shani Holmes (voclisations) perform as a new duo brought about through collaborations with Ren Walters, Jenny Barnes, Clinton Green and other members of the Melbourne improvised music scene within THIS ensemble. Together they attempt to blur the line between performative and social contexts. the young artists will also work with the Perth iMprov to produce a new performance of improvised mayhem.

Electronic musician Josten Myburgh & saxophonist David Gioia, honing in on glitched, minimal sound worlds and extended instrumental sound. accessing minimalistic sound worlds through exploring fragile intrinsic details of their instruments and the interactions between them.

As part of Tura New Music’s iMprov initiative the Perth iMprov Collective returns with another line-up spontaneously formed from workshops directed by Michael McNab and Shani Holmes.

iMprov seeks to foster free improvisational practice across a range of approaches. Regular workshops including with visiting artists and performances are presented across the year.