2016 Regional Residency

Jon Rose
1 – 13 August
Lombodina and Djarindjin, West Kimberley

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TURA is presenting its seventh annual Regional Artist in Residence Program during August 2016. Renowned Australian composer, performer and sound artist Jon Rose will work with the communities of Lombadina and Djarindjin to create a new work in the WRECK series.

With local musicians, artists, dancers, welders, strainers, crane drivers, teachers and students, Jon Rose will create a large scale musical instrument out of an old car wreck to be sourced on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome. Different types of fence wires will be strained across the Wreck and elements re-constructed and added.

The resulting ‘instrument” will be bowed with cello bows and struck with percussion sticks by an ensemble of performers, all under the direction of Jon Rose. The Wreck will be amplified to create a dynamic wall of sound echoing the landscape in which it is found.

Filmmakers will document the whole process as well as stories from locals about the Wreck and the country from where it comes.

The Wreck in the Kimberley explores one of the main sculptural features of the outback – the car wreck: the rusting history of Australian transportation, turning the very colour of the outback itself – imbedded, iconic, stranded, entropic, defeated – returning to the chemical parts from which it was made.

Jon Rose’s influence as a musical maverick and innovator is appreciated world wide. Rose has an uncanny ability to see the musicality of everyday activities, situations and objects. He finds music in everything and encourages us to see that the world is musical.

There will be a special performance of the Wreck by Jon Rose and local performers in Djarindjin on the evening of Wednesday 10 August before it is prepared for a long journey down to Broome and then Perth for future performances.

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All enquires to Tos Mahoney tosm@tura.com.au 0412 779 807

The Residency is supported by Kullarri Regional Communities Inc and the Rowley Foundation. Tura’s annual programs are supported by the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts, in association with Lotterywest, and the Australian Government through the Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body