2016 Church Series

Church 2: Josten Myburgh

7:30pm Thursday 13 October
St Paul’s Church, Mt Lawley
Free Event

Composer Josten Myburgh recently participated in a variety of study, residency and performance periods in Europe, working with Antoine Beuger, Perluigi Billone, Alessandro Bosetti & Emilio Gordoa and more to create experimental new work. This recital, featuring Myburgh alongside Breaking Waves and soprano Monica Brierley-Hay, features two extended new works written during this period, as well as compositions by Laura Steenberge & Michael Pisaro. This music explores sweetness and beauty in radical ways, with evocative sounds and melodies dotting vast silences and extended drones.


Some Folk Songs – Laura Steenberge  (2012) for two voices
Monica Brierley-Hay & Josten Myburgh (voices)

Marseille – Josten Myburgh (2016) for two performers & electronics
Josten Myburgh (voice), Jameson Feakes (guitar)


Blues fall – Michael Pisaro (2006) for soprano & ensemble
Monica Brierley-Hay (voice) & Breaking Waves

No river – Josten Myburgh (2016) for soprano & ensemble
Monica Brierley-Hay (voice) & Breaking Waves


Breaking Waves
Michael Caratti (percussion) / Jameson Feakes (electric guitar) / David Gioia (saxophones) / Djuna Lee (double bass) / Josten Myburgh (electronics) / Dan O’Connor (trumpet)
/ Sage Pbbbt (voice) / Ben Stacy (percussion) / Lindsay Vickery (clarinet)

josten-myburghJosten Myburgh

Josten Myburgh (b. 1994) is a composer, improviser & curator based in Perth, Western Australia.
His focus is on building safe spaces for the development and presentation of challenging music, through the organisation of workshops, concerts and other community events, both independently and as part of Tura New Music and the record label Tone List. His work is heavily informed by its place in the Perth experimental music and arts community, as well as by his own interest in free improvisation,
experimental music, silence & stillness, hip-hop, footwork, folk music and early music.

Josten is a regular performer in both Australia and Europe, notably participating in Krakow AudioArt Festival, Cable#8 Festival in Nantes, Klangraum in Düsseldorf, The Totally Huge New Music Festival & the International Computer Music Conference in Perth, and Tilde Festival in Melbourne, as well as in series’ such as Sacred Realism, Geografie del Suono, Club Zho and Make It Up Club. He has written music for Shani Mohini-Holmes, Phoebe Green, Kaylie Melville, Lindsay Vickery, GreyWing Ensemble, halfsound & Jameson Feakes.

He holds a Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) in composition & music technology at the WA Academy of Performing Arts, where he studied under Stuart James & Lindsay Vickery. In 2016, he participated in a mentorship with Antoine Beuger in Dusseldorf, a residency and mentorship with Alessandro Bosetti at GMEM Studios, Marseille, and was part of Composit Festival in Rieti where he studied with Jean-Francois Charles, Perluigi Billone, Stefano Gervasoni and Davide Ianni. In 2015, he participated in the WASO Composition Project, where he was mentored by James Ledger, and was a sound designer for Strut Dance’s ‘Collaborations’ project. In 2014, he visited Melbourne twice to study with Richard Barrett, Eugene Ughetti & Lawrence Harvey as part of the Speak Percussion Emerging Artists Program.



Josten Myburgh’s study and performance period was supported by the Western Australian Department of Culture and the Arts.