2015 Remote Artist in Residence Program

Alcohol. Think Again Remote Residency
Djarindjin and Lombadina
4 – 29 August 2015
with artist Mark Cain

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Tura New Music is presenting its sixth annual Remote Artist in Residence Program during August 2015, with instrument maker Mark Cain. This follows the successful residencies in the communities of the Dampier Peninsula, Warmun and Kununurra region.

Mark Cain, an experienced creative director of music collaborations, will work with the communities of Djarindjin and Lombadina to plan, design, build and install large scale instruments and sound installations made from building materials such as PVC piping and found objects from and around the communities.

The aim of the Artist in Residence project is to bring:

– new cultural experiences, and

– creative and skills development opportunities.

Based in Djarindjin/Lombadina with outreach to all communities on the Dampier Peninsula the artist will work with the communities at large including school students to work collaboratively across the Residency.

The program is open to all and will create an invaluable leave behind for all community to use. The residency will be based 
at the KRCI Centre in Djarindjin and all community members are welcome to participate.

Djarindjin and Lombadina

Djarindjin and Lombadina are located on the west coast of the northern Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome. Both communities are within the traditional lands of the Bardi and Jawi people. The Remote Residency is presented in partnership with Djarindjin Aboriginal Corporation, Lombadina Corporation and Kullarri Regional Communities Incorporated.

Mark Cain

Western Australian, Mark Cain, is one of this country’s most experienced musicians performing and conducting workshops in schools and communities both in Australia and oversees. As a multi-instrumentalist and innovative instrument maker, he has performed in the national Musica Viva schools programme for more than twenty years (Nova Ensemble and Ozmosis) and over a similar period has worked as solo performer with Nexus Arts, Victoria, playing instruments of his own invention.

Mark is renowned for the instruments he has created from plumbing pipe and other recyclable materials. His modus operandi is to use common and simple materials to create imaginative, whimsical instruments whose remarkable and often beautiful sounds confound their origins. He has worked extensively in communities among musicians and non-musicians building instruments from donated, ‘found’ and recycled materials, whilst collectively devising performances that explore local themes.

Mark plays a cornucopia of wind and percussion instruments, including saxophones, bass clarinet, flute and a variety of self made and ethnic reed instruments.


The 2015 Remote Residency Program is supported by Healthway promoting the Alcohol. Think Again message, the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative supporting the arts in regional and remote Australia, Kullarri Regional Communities Incorporated (KRCI), the Australia Council for the Arts, The Western Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Creative Partnerships Australia and the Rowley Foundation.

Tura’s annual programs are supported by the Government of Western Australia through the Department of Culture and the Arts and the Australian Government through the Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body.

Tura thanks the communities of Djarindjin and Lombadina.