2014 Remote Residency

Mark Cain
18 August – 14 September
Djarindjin/Lombadina, One Arm Point, Broome, Western Australia

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Tura New Music is presenting its fifth annual Remote Artist in Residence Program during June 2013, with renowned performer and instrument maker Mark Cain. This follows the successful residencies in the communities of the Dampier Peninsula, Warmun and Kununurra region.

Tura New Music will bring Perth-based Mark Cain, an experienced creative director of music collaborations and compositions, to the Dampier Peninsula for two weeks in August/September 2014. Mark works in diverse settings – from arts organisations to schools and community groups – to create unique performance pieces, installations and experiences.

The aim of the Artist in Residence project is to bring:

1. new cultural experiences
2. creative and skills development opportunities

Based in Djarindjin / Lombadina and One Arm Point on the Dampier Peninsula, Mark will work with groups of school children and the community at large to explore music making and guide them in devising and performing their own music composition. Taking people of all backgrounds and skill levels on an extraordinary musical journey, Mark aims to provide a profound sense of connection through music. The Residency program includes a one-day workshop in Broome.

Mon 18 Wed 27 August Djarindjin /Lombadina
Schools and Community Workshops and Concert 

Thurs 28 August Tuesday 9 September One Arm Point
Schools and Community Workshops and Concert

Wed 10 September Broome
School Workshop

Thursday 11 Sunday 14 September
Presentations at Djarindjin/Lombadina and One Arm Point.

Tura New Music’s 2014 Remote Residency Program is supported by Healthway promoting the 2&5 Message.

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