As part of our purpose and vision, Tura New Music presents and co-presents new music events and projects across Western Australia and beyond.

We present a year-round program of events including:

  • The Totally Huge New Music Festival
  • Soup Nights
  • Regional Touring Program
  • Remote Residency Program
  • Artists in Residence Program

Tura’s program of activities represents, and interrogates, the broad approach of current and recent new art music and sound art practice. It reflects the spectrum of practice including works familiar to mainstream arts audiences, through to the purely experimental – the research and development end of music and sound art.

Tura in the City

Our City-based Programs feature concerts of varying scales, festivals, tours, mentoring and education, installations, exhibitions, recordings, residencies, conferences, commissions of new work, and organisational and creative development.

Working with both established and emerging artists from Australia and overseas across a range of mediums, scales, and locations, Tura’s programs provide an arena for the constant development of globally significant artworks that reflect Australia’s energy, diversity, and sense of place.

We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach to programming, incorporating cross-cultural work, new chamber and orchestral work, electronic and computer music, experimental improvisation, and sound art. This breadth of activity presents a rich cultural experience for the general public and creates opportunities for collaborative ventures bridging genres, philosophical approaches, and cultural milieus.

Through our City-based Programs, we invite engagement in three principal ways: Producing and Presenting, Participation, and Development.

Tura Regional

Tura operates as the connector between people, places, and projects to make a defining difference to Australian culture.

Tura has been pioneering projects in regional and remote northern Australia since 2001. With a focus on the active involvement of Indigenous Australian artists and communities, our aim with this award-winning program is to establish contemporary Australian music and sound art as in and of the place where it is created.

The program features powerful collaborative projects that celebrate the complexities of Aboriginal culture, alongside those of new art music where connection is at the heart. Over the years, we have established deep relationships with communities and individual artists which support us in the development of these exceptional programs.

Our tours, residencies, and school programs create new possibilities – for Australian music, for regional and remote communities, for artists and for audiences both digital and live.