Tura continues its projects in the Kimberley with the Warmun Residency

Tura New Music continues its projects in the Kimberley, WA with artistic director Tos Mahoney in Warmun last week for a ten day residency with Broome filmmaker, Mark Jones, and Perth based producer/curator Jessica Wraight furthering the ongoing Programs in the area.

One of the projects, which began in 2018, is The Wild Violins of Warmun with renowned composer, performer and teacher Hollis Taylor, where students at Ngalangangpum School continue to create new sound worlds and storylines on the 40 violins brought in for the project. During this years residency new students were included in the program as it continues its long journey of discovery.

Watch the video to learn more about the The Wild Violins of Warmun:


Another artist-in-residence project in Warmun is ‘The Wreck‘  in association with Warmun Arts Centre, which started in 2017 in the hands of sound wizard Jon Rose, when an old car wreck was converted into a musical instrument and sound installation in collaboration with the local community. In 2018 ‘The Wreck’ was further renewed, when it was painted by Warmun artists  including Gabriel Nodea, Shirley Purdie, Gordon Barney, Nancy Nodea Lindsay Malay and Mark Nodea transforming ‘that moda car’ into a carrier of country and story.

During the visit new stories and connection were told and recorded, all building up to the curation of a deep and lasting cultural project.

‘The Wreck’ will soon be on the move. In 2021, it’s embarking on a journey that adds a whole extra dimension to the project – stay tuned.

L-R: Nancy Nodea, Tos Mahoney, Andrew Daylight

The Warmun Residency is made possible by Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message.