Tura Adapts 2020 Commissions Online

Tura’s online commissioning program Tura Adapts is now live.

Tura Adapts is a program designed to enable the creation of new work and its delivery in these times of restrictions.

This first phase is created across three programs; @TheRootsNo Borders, and A Different View, to both create new online content, and support practitioners for whom both opportunities to earn and to create have diminished so unbelievably.

Completed programs from @TheRoots and No Borders are available now with more still in progress. A Different View will be delivered across the coming months.

Artists were encouraged to think digital and adapt to the isolated space, creating outside of the regular performer-to-audience world. The outcomes are a combination of audio and video and audio-only, with composers and video artists attempting to navigate and make sense of their newfound isolation.

@TheRoots Commissions

Artist Work
Erasers Corridor
Annika Moses Amazing blissful moment (fearful receiver)
C. Tsang Automata
Gabbi Fusco An extension of self
Josten Myburgh & Adam Pultz-Melbye Baigup Learning
Nick Stark Street Scene – Lockdown 002
Steven Alyian Inverted Harmonic Environment – Boorloo
Tao Issaro Void (feat. Timbo Roberts)

No Borders Commissions

Artist Work
Anthony Moles & Carmen Morales Little Requiem in the form of 3 Antique Dances for Toy Piano
Dylan Crismani Still
Hilary Geddes Upstream, Down River
Kate Neal & Sal Cooper Sentiment Logistics
Nat Grant & Jutta Pryor Adaptive Memory
Pedro Alvarez Chronotope – Situation No. 1
Thea Rossen & Michael Sollis Disposed

Tura received an overwhelming number of submissions from the callout and thanks all applicants for taking the time to apply. We will continue to look at ways to create further opportunities for artists during this time.