Tura Adapted 2020

We are not going to repeat the obvious about the monumental challenges that face the world, the nation, the arts, our suburbs, our homes, our selves. Nor are we going to claim to overnight have the most amazing online program on the way that will somehow compensate for the massive loss of our actual live person-to-person programs planned for this year.

We know that loss is going to affect many people’s livelihoods as well as the cultural and social meaning the programs provide. That is incredibly sad at all levels of Tura activity but especially so in regard to our partners in remote communities in northern Australia.

We are, and will continue, looking at new ways of maintaining connections with all our partners, the artists we regularly work with, and the community of practice more broadly and hope we can keep you connected in some small way to them and each other.

Some parts of some programs planned for 2020 can continue as we develop new opportunities for artists, and for sharing of historic, and to be commissioned, work.

Our plan (still evolving) for 2020 includes:

1. Commissioning of new work designed for online environment including

  • opportunities for composers, composer/performers, and sound artists
  • a new series music-sound/video-film collaborative commissions.

    (details to be announced in May)

2. Composing and Mentoring phase (5 composers, 3 mentors) of Summers Night Women Composers Project will continue across 2020. Workshops and a national tour in 2021.

3. Roll out of online digital content

  • Kimberley Echoes at the Melbourne Recital Centre – currently being edited Peter Baker. Full concert version (June).
  • An album of 12 works (songs and instrumentals) from Fitzroy Valley New Music Project – Gillian Howell, Fitzroy Valley District High School students and staff, community members. Produced by Alan Pigram with accompanying video tracks (Mark Jones).
  • A series of new videos on our regional programs including Fitzroy Valley New Music Project, The Wreck, Wild Violins of Warmun, Kimberley Indonesia Project.

4. Regional and Remote Programs

We are currently working with communities and principal artists/facilitators to set up and maintain virtual contact with communities, collaborators, and participants. Various strategies are being developed to initiate or continue activities. This will take some time as not only are some of our partner communities in lock-down, they have adopted strategies such as moving elders out of community on country for their safety.

5. Living Heritage

Living Heritage will research and develop content for the archive section of our new website  – bringing Tura’s historical programs to the world – updates coming.

6. Tura Tracks

Tura Tracks was a research project (2017 – 2019) on the impact of Tura New Music’s programs in regional and remote Australia. The research, developed to create an evaluation framework, was carried out by Professor Brydie-Leigh Bartleet (Director, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University) and Doctor Gillian Howell (Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Griffith University). The final report was due for launching with symposia in Perth and Melbourne in March – now planning digital distribution and online forums.