The 2020 Fitzroy Valley New Music Project Twin Residencies

In 2020 the Fitzroy Valley New Music Project (FVNMP) features twin residences by Peter Keelan and Cecile Williams, 7 – 25 September.

The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project in Fitzroy Valley, Western Kimberley, has been running since 2017 and is directed by renowned music educator/composer/performer Gillian Howell.

In 2020, Peter will work with students, community groups, and individuals in Fitzroy Valley for an instrument-making process, as informed by the ongoing project by Gillian Howell.

Cecile will collaborate with Fitzroy Valley District High School to develop a student art workshop program and align this program with the instrument making and musical work carried out by Tura Artist in Residence, Peter Keelan.

Artistic Director Tos Mahoney says of the Residencies:

“Tura is so grateful to all of our Fitzroy Crossing partners and especially to Peter and Cecile for jumping so quickly to the opportunity that arose to continue the great work that Gillian has been doing through the FVNMP. What’s already happening there now will complement the ongoing program so meaningfully. We thank them, and all of our supporters, and look forward to the outcomes of this intense period of residency.”

The FVNMP has just won this year’s Art Music Award for Excellence in a Regional Area.

The Fitzroy Valley New Music Project is supported by Healthway promoting the Act-Belong-Commit message and the Rowley Foundation.