Peaceful waves at the end of the day

Tuesday was our 3rd project day (our 5th day in the community in the 2013 Remote Residency sponsored by Healthway, SmokeFree WA, and Horizon Power) and all the material for our concert was coming together. Today we found ourselves creating a surprise bonus piece, in the last ten minutes of the school day. Everyone had been working hard and needed a break from noisy drums, so we got the metalophone, chime bars and wah-wah tubes out – all very resonant, pitched metal instruments that have a gentle, peaceful sound.

Metal instruments (G. Howell)

We improvised and jammed, in two groups, and it sounded so good that we decided we had to include it in the Thursday concert. At first we called it ‘Metal Music’ (because all the instruments involved were made of metal), but then one of the boys suggested the title “Peaceful Waves”, which everyone liked better.

Chime bars in action (G. Howell)